Sunday, August 3, 2008

Breaking Dawn!!! (don't worry, no spoilers)

Okay I had so much friggin fun waiting for this book!! friday night I got together with some of my friends for the big release party at Barnes and Noble. We were under the impression that if we were the first in line to get the voucher tickets we would be the first to get the book. that wasn't quite how it worked out. But we were first in line anyways (we got there 1.5 hours early), got our voucher tickets and then went for dinner and some drinks across the parking lot. while in line at B&N we made friends with a woman named Elizabeth Taylor and her best friend Dawn (no idea what her last name is) and they came with us. It was a blast!!!

Then we went back to B&N around 10 to wait it out with all the teenage girls!!! We settled in the Military and War section with our Starbucks, not the happiest of aisles but that's probably why it was still empty. After we didn't win anything in the raffle we started to get really tired and a little cranky. At about 11:45 we started to realize that with the crowd that was there we probably wouldn't get our books until around 1. so we defected (told ya, Military and War) and ran to walmart across the street where there were only about 60 people waiting for it. We were out the door with our copies by 12:10!!! Success!!!

I just have to say that this is far and away the best book in the series!!!! and yes I'm finished, it only took me about 34 hours to read and that includes caring for children (Jason had a seminar saturday) and sleeping. I think I only ate one meal saturday but that was enough to keep me going!!! Sorry a lot of this post is kind of gibberish and scatterbrained but my head is still spinning with all the information I took in!!! Loved it!!!


Rachel said...

Ok so I am just starting the Jacob book and I don't know how I feel about the book yet...I will let you know when I finish. I am trying to savor it and make it last as long as I can, I hate the last book in a series!

Peine Family said...

I have to admit that I am a little jealous and bitter. I wanted to read all the books again since it has been so long. After kids my brain just isn't what it used to be and I want to remember everything going into book 4. I don't know if I am going to make it because the anticipation is killing me and I might just go for it. I'm so glad you were excited about it because it makes me even more hyped!