Wednesday, April 29, 2009

He's half monkey ya know!!

Here's a picture of my youngest child washing his hands. He's always so determined to do everything himself and has become very creative in getting things done.

This explains why the base of my sink was always so dirty.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Conversations with my children

There is a new little girl in Isaac's class, I was asking him about her and this is what he told me.....

"Her name is Joelle. And ya know what mommy? She always stays in the lines when she colors. She's like perfect at it. I stay in the lines kind of good, but she's really good!!

I was telling Cormac how handsome I thought he was and this was his response.....

"yeah, it's my mouth and lips."

Isaac started counting in spanish the other night and made it all the way up to 29 and then got stuck, he turns to me and says "what's 30 in spanish?"
-"I don't know"
-"come on mom, what's 30 in spanish?" (clearly he thought I was joking.)
-"no really, I don't know"
-"do you know how to count in spanish?"
-"so I'm smarter than you?"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My oldest was put on yellow today at school (that means he got in trouble), for talking during silent reading. He was given 2 warnings and moved before the teacher put him on yellow so he had his fair chance to stop talking and didn't. He and I were discussing the issue after school and I was telling him that talking during silent reading isn't okay and not doing as his teacher asked isn't okay, and then he said this..........

"I just want to be me. I don't want to try and be what somebody else tells me to."

............ and yes, I know he gets that attitude from me.

Oh the teenage years will be exciting.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Here's a conversation between my oldest and his father....

"Hey daddy, what's the next holiday?"

"Mothers Days"

"Ooooh, what happens on mothers day?"

"We give mommy gifts and tell her how much we love her."

"What!!?? Only mom gets gifts!?!?!"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

For the Grandparents

Here's our Easter in reverse order.
the best quotes of the day were "the easter bunny can't fool me!!" -Isaac
and "Happy birthday easter!!!" -Cormac

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A couple clues that you might be a bad singer

1-When you sing the do re mi song to your 2 year old your tone (or is it pitch) doesn't change AT ALL from one verse to the next. Also, said 2 year old looks to be in pain through the whole song.

2-After singing along to every song in The Little Mermaid movie you turn to your 5 year old and say "I wanted to be a mermaid soooo bad when I was your age" and then he responds, "yeah, and then you could have had a beautiful voice!"

3-After offering to sing your 2 year old to sleep he quickly closes his eyes and starts snoring.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Promptuesday #50

There is a link on a blog I follow to another blog that does something called promptuesdays (if I was a responsible blogger I would have a link to that blog, but I'm not, so I don't). Anyways, a promptuesday is where she puts up a writing "assignment" and has you complete them in the comments or on your blog. Todays promptuesday is "six word memoirs". which is pretty much what it sounds like, describe your life in six words. here are a few I came up with......

1. I'm going to have it all.
2. I took the long way here.
3. I'd be lost without those two.
4. I could have done that better.
5. I'm happy and I know it.
6. I need a lot more sleep.
7. Can I do it another time?

I'd love to see what you come up with.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

even though my life is crazy busy right now, I don't have anything to blog about. I'll just give you a few quick bullets to keep you informed ('cause I know your universe revolves around me and what I'm doing!!).

  • I'm doing a research project on postpartum depression. I need women who have suffered from it to fill out a survey for me, so if you know anyone willing please send them my way. So far I've gotten 5 women to fill one out for me, I need at least 20.
  • Here's a quote from Isaac that occurred during his soccer game today while he was sitting out "they'll never win without me in the game!!!" They don't actually keep score and he hasn't scored a goal since the first game. But I'm glad he is so confident in his abilities and his importance to the team!!
  • Isaac is currently involved in 3 extra-curricular activities, soccer, t-ball, and karate. I can barely keep track of what day it is and where we need to be at any given time, but I'm always hoping it's Friday, (it rarely is, only about 1/7 days a week).
  • Cormac got in BIG trouble yesterday and was sent to his room crying. When he finally calmed down and came out he said "is Carla coming today? I wanna stay with Carla, you go to school!!" Unfortunately for him Carla was not coming that day and he was stuck with me.
  • Isaac frequently tells me that I don't need to tell him where we're going and when because he "already knows EVERYTHING"!!! I didn't think that was going to happen until he was 15.
  • Jason is running all of my errands for me today under the misguided assumption that I'll do my calculus homework while he's gone. A man can dream right?