Monday, October 29, 2007

Some conversations with Isaac

Me: Hmmm, what should I wear today?
Isaac: I think you should wear, ummmm........clothes!!!

Cormac screaming
Me: why is Cormac crying
Isaac: cause he got in my way.
Me: What'd you do?
Isaac: I punched him.
Me: you punched him?
Isaac: yeah, in the face.

In school Isaac was learning about emotions and the teacher had them draw a picture of something that made them happy. Isaac drew a picture of a whale eating fish. When I asked him why that made him happy he told me that whales aren't mean and don't eat him they just eat fish. I guess not being eatin by a whale makes me happy too.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cormac's first haircut!!

It was quite evident that Cormac was past due for a haircut.
We took him to a great place just for kids where he got to sit in a fire truck and watch Elmo while they cut his hair.
He did awesome and hardly moved, he actually looked at himself in the mirror most of the time rather than watching Elmo.
But appearantly he's not a fan of the new look. Oh well, he doesn't get to decide. We love the haircut and think he looks adorable. When Isaac saw it for the first time he laughed uncontrollably, I think it was the most genuine laugh I've ever heard from Isaac.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

He's Finally 4!!!!

I know what your thinking, "wasn't his birthday last week?". It sure was, but Isaac couldn't or wouldn't accept the fact that he was 4 until after he had his party. We kept saying "wow you're 4!" and he'd look at us like we were idiots and say "nope not for a couple of days." So he's finally 4!!! He had a great birthday party, we played fun games and had 3 friends over (it seems so small after the shindigs we had in MD). It was of course dinosaur themed since that is what he wants to be when he grows up.

Here's Isaac playing pin the tail on the dinosaur (which Jason drew by the way). We also did a race where we made them put a dinosaur egg (balloon) between their legs and run but unfortunately didn't get any pics.
I love this picture. You can almost hear the yell coming from his mouth.
Isaac was very excited about his presents.
This is Cormac in one of the dinosaur masks we made all the boys wear. I love the way he tries to keep up with the big boys.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sick little guy

October 10 was Isaac's fourth birthday, we had a whole day of fun activities planned but he woke up that morning with a fever and so had to cancel everything, including his party. He still got to open his presents and was allowed to play Halo and got his favorite dinner. We expected him to get better in a day or two and really didn't think much of his fever or cough.

Well after two days he wasn't getting better and actually became quite seriously ill. On friday he decided he wanted to take a nap around noon and we thought it would probably be a good idea and might help him finally kick the bug. I frequently checked on him and he seemed to be fine but when he was still sound asleep at 4 I decided I should wake him up so he would go to sleep that night. I tried waking him up and it just really didn't work he'd open his eyes and whimper and then fall right back asleep. He was also burning up. I took his temperature and it was 103.7!!!! I quickly gathered him up gave him some motrin and started heading for the ER. Luckily Jason was home so I didn't have to worry about getting Cormac anywhere I could just go.

My poor little guy was so out of it, it was like holding a giant spaghetti noodle. He wouldn't respond to any of the nurses and couldn't stay awake to save his soul. After being poked and x-rayed and peeing in a cup (which I thought he would think was cool but he actually thought it was very naughty, his words), the diagnosis came back as pneumonia!!! He was dehydriated (sp?), and needed a IV. I must say the worst part of this whole experience was when the nurses (one to poke, one to hold him down), where getting the needle in and Isaac just looked at me crying and said "mommy they're hurting me" and I just had to fight back tears and say "it's ok it'll make you feel better". Honestly that was one of the hardest moments of my life.

He is doing much better today. The fever is gone and he is eating again, they have him on some heavy duty antibiotics. We hope he has a quick recovery but have heard that it can take a while for people to feel good again after pneumonia.

Here are some pics from his birthday.

Isaac opening his presents, he got a spiderman scooter and some starwars action figures.

This is Isaac coughing on his birthday. We honestly had no idea he was soo sick.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I's Birthday

October 10th was I's fourth birthday!!! We can hardly believe our little guy is so old. We had a fun day planned for him including a birthday party but were forced to cancel because the poor little guy was running a fever of 103.4!!!! YIKES!! His fever went down with some medication so we're pretty sure he'll live to see five but it was very disappointing for everyone especially I. We kept telling him happy birthday, but he'd tell us his birthday wasn't for a couple more days, and he refuses to acknowledge that he is four until he has an actual party. Poor little guy. But

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Well it's been brought to my attention that I have slacked on the blogging so I figured I'd update everyone. While someone suggested that my life isn't boring I must disagree and inform you all that it is very boring, crazy, but boring. I am officially a soccer mom!!! I spend my days running Isaac from activity to activity, meeting Jason for lunch and hoping that Cormac will take a nice long nap when we finally get home. Jason works 3 twelve hour days, he'll do Mon, Wed, Fri., one week and Tues., Thurs., Sat., the following. Isaac is in preschool 3 days a week and he is involved in soccer and baseball 2 days a week. I have joined a moms group that meets everyother week (luckily babysitting is provided!!) and that is pretty much our life. I have been greatful for my new car that I love and adore and feel like one hot mama in!! Recently Cormac made things more difficult by coming down with croupe and I had to spend an entire night in the ER with him while he received various steroid treatments. I got 3 hours of sleep before it was time to get the boys up and get Isaac to school. I'm still trying to catch up on sleep but with little luck.
I guess the only big news around here is that Jason and I will celebrate our 6th anniversary tomorrow!!! We look forward to a night out without children but still don't know exactly what we'll do. It's crazy to think we've been together so long, time really has flown by but we've tried to enjoy every minute of it and embrace every stage in our life. Hopefully I'll have some cute pics of just me and jason to post on here after tomorrow night. But we'll see.....