Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So these last couple of months living in Phoenix have brought some strange experiences that I feel like sharing with whoever will listen. Let's start with the wildlife!! I have found 2 count them 2 scorpions in my garage!!! And when you try and scare them or shu them away, they don't run they come after you!!! So I now have the the death of 2 scorpions on my hands, I don't feel bad. And the lizards are everywhere!!! mostly small ones that are kind of cute and fun to chase, but the other morning there was a huge 18 inch lizard crawling up the side of my house right next to the front door! I don't even know what kind of lizard it was or if it is dangerous and more importantly where it was going and where it lives and if it has plans to come back! As of yet I have not had a lizard in my house but I feel it is only a matter of time. Then the strangest one, there was a coyote running down my street the other day. A coyote!!! and by the way it was dead silent as it ran so I'm pretty sure it could sneak up and bite me on the ass while I'm putting my children in the car!!! It's a new fear of mine.
We'll move on to the water. It tastes disgusting from the tap so obviously we have to buy it which is not that big of a deal but annoying all the same. And I can't get cold water out of the tap, it comes out hot!! Sometimes in the morning I can get cool water, but cold water is a thing of the past. I can't wash my clothes in cold water, I have to be extra careful giving my babies a bath because even when the spout is pointing to cold it can still be hot!!! I attribute this to the fact that it is 110 degrees outside and therefore the water sitting in the pipes would be roughly the same temp!!! My father in law can't even keep water in his hot tub because the water gets too hot!! It's craziness. But remember, I'll be laughing when all of you are bundled up and freezing your bumbs off while I'm sitting next to the pool in perfect weather!!!
Well there you have it, my rant for the month, maybe the year because really I love it here!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Isaac's first day of school!!!

My baby is in school!!! I can hardly believe it, time has gone way too fast. We have him in a school just down the street from Jason's office called Creative Castles. It's really cute and we are very happy with it. His first day was supposed to be on monday the 13th but wouldn't ya know it he had a fever and couldn't go. So he made it today and was very excited but then got nervous when I told him that I was dropping him off. He asked if I would stay with him and of course I agreed but we got into the classroom and he found his desk and then I was as good as chopped liver. So I left without him noticing and he had a great day. Although I only know this because his teacher told me. When I ask him how his day went he says "I don't know". Typical guy right!! So here are some pics of his first day with his class and his teacher Miss. Laura. Notice that he is right at home with nothing but girls in his class. I think the kid is destined to be surrounded by women his whole life. I'm sure he wont mind!!!