Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Love Isaac

We were driving in the car and the sun was getting in Isaac's eyes and he says "Mom, the suns harmful rays are getting me!!"

He has a miniature stuffed dinosaur that he calls Gary and he comes to me and says "mom, Cormac lost my sweet little Gary. Poor sweet little Gary."

He's learning all about rhyming these days, it apparently helps with the reading, and yesterday at the dinner table he says "hey mom I found a new rhyme!! Muck and Fu$%!!!" All I say through the tears of laughter "great job sweet heart!!" Later I told him it wasn't a nice word and not to say it, but I felt like he wouldn't take me seriously if I said it while milk was coming out my nose.

After every meal he says "I'm really full, look at all my belly-fat!!"
I think he watches too much TV!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bad News

Well it happened, a little sooner than I thought it would, although I can't say I'm really surprised. Jason has traded me in for a "newer, younger model". The boys and I were quite shocked, but really he's been dropping hints for a while. I was actually able to get a picture since he brought her home (if you can believe that). I personally think she's kind of large and is way too loud, but you guys can tell me what you think!!

Jason with the new love of his life.

So this is Jason's Dodge Charger SRT8 (that's the one with the hemi ladies) and he loves it. I am very excited for him, this is the first car that he has been able to pick out for himself. It's fast and loud and I think it's sexy.

Isaac thought it was pretty cool too until he asked how much horse-power it had. After Jason told him 450 Isaac said, "well, monster trucks have 1600 horse-power so they're still better".
It was really weird getting rid of the Grand Am, we've had that thing forever and it felt like part of the family. But it's really exciting getting past the "student" part of our life and onto the professional part of it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

drool moan drool

These will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine!!! They are from White House Black Market and I think I'm gonna go pick them up tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So I think I have the cutest blog ever now!! Thanks to everyone who left comments and helped me out. I look forward to changing it frequently!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Quick Question

Where do you get those cute backgrounds for the blogs? So many of you have cute flowers and what not and I think I want something cute too. One more question, what are your favorite home-decor magazines and websites. I need some ideas and have no idea where to start. Thanks for your help!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My wonderful children

My life is kind of boring right now, okay not really but nothing that I really feel like blogging about has been going on. Anyhow, I figured I'd update the blog by posting a few short stories about my wonderful children.

I was getting ready to leave (small miracle in itself) and suddenly I hear the boys laughing hysterically. There's an echo to it so I know they're in the bathroom laughing hysterically. Not a good sign. So I run to the bathroom to find Isaac going potty and Cormac playing in his pee stream. Gross!!!

We were having mac and cheese for lunch the other day and I was trying to get Isaac to eat some (can you believe I have a child that doesn't like mac and cheese?) Anyways, I kept telling him to take a bite. He finally responded "it's not that I don't want to take a bite mom, it's that I don't want to taste it." I can't really argue with that.

Cormac comes up to me quite upset and says "aaa-mmmmmmmmm" so I say "aaa-mmmmmmm?" having no idea what he's talking about. and he says "yes" and then walks off. he comes back a few minutes later upset and again says "aaa-mmmmmmm!!!" and again I say "aaa-mmmmmmmmm?" To which he replies with an emphatic "YES" and walks off again. He comes back a third time and this time I say "show me" so he takes me to Isaacs door and says "aaa-mmmmmmm". He has clearly been shut out of Isaacs room and wants in. I have a feeling I'm going to hear a lot of aaa-mmmmm.

Last night we had BLT's for dinner and Jason threw together Mac's sandwich and then put it on his plate. Mac thought this was quite the accomplishment and so gave Jason a round of applause and enthusiastic "yea".

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Olive Garden, with a side of stoned

We were at the Olive Garden today hoping to have a nice evening meal but upon meeting our waiter realized that was not going to happen. About 5 minutes after being seated our waiter finally made an appearance, mumbled something incoherent and then stumbled off to the table next to us. Jason and I watched puzzled for a moment then turned to each other and said "I think he's stoned off his A#$." It was probably another 10 minutes before he made it back to us to take our order, and I was more than just a little annoyed at this point. As many of you know when you are out to dinner with your children, speed is very important. Anyways, he takes our order and I'm annoyed, then as I'm watching him stumble through the restaurant and fumble with peoples orders I start to feel bad for the guy. Clearly drugs have taken over his life completely, he can't even go to work without them and that's just sad.
So our food arrives,- before our drinks mind you- and surprisingly enough the food is correct, the drinks came right after too. We are quietly enjoying our meal and suddenly he shows up to our table with another round of the food we ordered. He looks at us confused stumbles around looking at all the tables around us and then finally picks up the food and heads back to the kitchen almost falling flat on his face. So now I have gone from empathetic to just flat out amused. I have never had anything like this happen to me before and the best part was when the table next to us full of old people (and I mean really old) say "I think he's stoned!!" He clearly didn't have anyone fooled, except maybe the manager who was still allowing him to work.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yesterday we were at the park playing and we came across the coolest ladybug I have ever seen. It was black with red spots, I've never seen one like this before and don't know if that's normal or very unusual. Anyways we were looking at this cool bug, just watching it walk around and all of a sudden Isaac says "shhhh be quiet!!" So we all stop talking and then he says "excuse me ladybug, are you happy or sad?" We all sat quietly waiting for a response but never got one.
Cormac couldn't handle the quiet any longer and smashed the poor little ladybug. We were all a little upset but then Isaac said "don't worry, the ladybug doctor will come soon and give her just the right medicine to make her better." I think I have about the sweetest little guy ever and apparently one of the most rotten too.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ant Bullies and a Bad Mom

Yesterday Isaac was attacking the poor little ants on our patio by spitting on them. Cormac in an attempt to be just like his brother but not quite having the spitting thing down decided to just start licking them. And my only thought was, "they're occupied" and turned and walked away to do something else.