Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scorpion Queen

As you have probably guessed this post is about an encounter I recently had with a scorpion. I have met a few of them outside and had no problem just stepping on them and kicking them out of the way, but because this one was in my house it freaked me out a little more than usual and the conversation I had with Isaac was too funny to not share. Here's the picture of it hanging from my ceiling just inside the door to my garage. I'm surprised I even got this picture with how bad I was freaking out.
So after taking this picture I decided I should put on the largest pair of shoes I owned to smash it. I run to my closet and pick out some 2 inch heavy wood platforms. I then get my broom to knock it off the ceiling which I do and of course it starts running after me because these things have no fear. At this point I decide that I don't want to get close enough to step on it so I just start beating it with the broom. It is making such a loud ruckus that Isaac comes to see what is going on. In his most condescending voice he asks "mom, what are you doing?"

To which I reply, "killing a scorpion"

The condescension leaves his voice for a moment while he asks "is it dead"

I reply "yeah, I think so"

Full condescension back, with a hint of annoyance that he is the only intelligent one in the household "so then you can stop hitting it mom."

At this point the handle to my broom breaks, I don't stop beating the thing, I just throw the smaller piece aside and continue smacking the thing at least 15 more times. (Isaac has left, he has better things to do with his time.) So it's guts are splattered everywhere, the tail has finally stopped twitching and I figure I can stop. I run and grab a paper towel and clean up the dead bug and surrounding guts. Now I can't put it in my garbage can with the obvious fear that it could come back to life and come and attack me when I least expect it (I've seen a few horror movies, I'm not stupid). I briefly think of flushing it down the toilet but obviously can't do that because I don't know if they can survive in water, it could easily come and sting my behind the next time I'm going to the bathroom. so I do the only logical thing there is, I tossed it in the neighbors trash can!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

The joys of children

Be warned, if you say it to your children they will say it to someone else. Isaac and I recently had a conversation about Mcdonalds and that it isn't healthy for you because it can make you fat and you'd have a big belly or bum. So with that little preview, we were at Mcdonalds and there was a man behind us who was on the larger side so Isaac decided to point out that I was correct and Mcdonalds does make you fat with a big belly because that guy behind us did in fact have a big belly. I told Isaac to be quiet, but he just kept repeating "that guy is fat with a big belly mom" nothing I did or said would shut him up so the gentleman Isaac was so rudely talking about stepped in and started chasing my child asking him what he was saying about him!!!! Isaac almost peed his pants and I'm sure I was purple from embarassment (I had hoped the man hadn't heard Isaac). I apologized profusely for my child, I think luckily the guy had a pretty good sense of humor about it because he just responded "isn't that what kids are for, to embarrass you?" I don't know if that's what they're for but they definately do a great job of it!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

I finally got tagged!!!

The rules...

A. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.

B. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog, for these rules.

My 6 facts/ habits:

1. I am completely addicted to coke (the drink variety). I quit coke about once a month and swear I will never drink it again. But then a problem comes up and I think coke will fix it, and it does. Thirsty? coke. Hungry? coke will solve that problem. Bored? go and get a coke. Tired? coke. Headache? coke. stressed? take a car ride with a coke. See it really does solve every problem.

2. I only wash my hair about once every 5 days. sometimes longer. I have a ton of hair and the whole process of washing, drying, and styling can take over two hours!!! I don't have that kind of time. But the crazy thing is, I usually get about 4 good hair days out of it, so really I should have started this trend a long time ago!!!

3. I love TV!!! I know most people view this as a waist of time and think I would be better off reading or something, but I love TV. I will watch re-runs or really dumb shows that nobody else would ever admit to watching, like "Becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader". It's supposed to be dramatic (you can tell by the music they play), but I feel it's a comedy and have laughed so hard I've almost peed my pants. My favorite is when a girl gets cut from the team and she's bawling about how this is the only thing she's ever wanted in life and if she's not a cheerleader she's nothing. Does it get any funnier than that?

4. I find it easier to fall asleep when my husband is not in bed with me. I can't sleep if he's not home, but I prefer having the whole king size bed to myself. We've only been married 6 years but I can already see seperate rooms being a good thing.

5. I love Arizona. It is the first place that I have felt at home. I was always a misfit growing up in Utah, and really didn't like Maryland. But Arizona I love!!! The weather is perfect (it's still in the upper 80's in the middle of Nov.), the people are awesome, and I just seem to blend right in. I finally feel like I can be myself without negative consequences, and I'm so excited for my children to grow up here. But I do miss my family in Utah, and my friends in Maryland.

6. I always love my children but sometimes hate being a mom. Like when my baby throws a car into the toilet that my 4 year old forgot to flush and I have to fish it out. It's moments like that when I ponder why I ever had them. Or when I look at a girl in a bikini with her perfect little stomach free of stretch marks and think "I used to have a cute stomach, I used to rock a bikini like no ones business, but then I had children." Sigh.......... At least they're cute!!!

So now I'm supposed to tag 6 people but if you will notice to the right, I don't have six people to tag that haven't already been tagged in fact I think there' s only one person on my list that hasn't been tagged so Melissa that's you!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blog update

I recently realized that I had my blog set so that you had to have an account to leave a comment, I have changed this so that everyone out there reading my blog can leave me comments. I was so excited when Liz told me that I had quite a few readers, you'd never know it by how empty my comment boxes are (thanks Shelley for always commenting, you're the best) so feel free to comment now and even better yet I think everyone needs to start a blog so that I have more names to add to my other bloggers link it's humiliating how few I have compared to others, especially those show-offs who have different lists (family, high school friends, MD friends), Okay I get it your popular I'm not. Anyways, I hope everyone reading enjoys my blog, it's been a great occupier of time!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Look what he can do!!!

The most fantastic thing ever has happened!!! Isaac changed Cormac's diaper!!! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen, I am so impressed with Isaac's ability. He did it all on his own, we didn't ask him or tell him to. Cormac does this thing where he pulls at his diaper when he wants it changed and Isaac saw it and went and got a diaper and layed him down and changed his diaper. It was amazing how still Cormac was, he never holds still for me. Maybe next time Isaac will do a poopy one!!

Friday, November 9, 2007


Isaac and I went to see Bee movie today and I just have to say that it was horrible. I enjoyed being out just me and Isers but the movie was painful to watch. Isaac didn't seem to enjoy it much either. He barely held still. So it is definately one that I would wait for redbox on, if you even bother spending that much on it!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Super cool pics

My sister sent me these really cool pics that she took on halloween. She lives near a cemetary and was walking past while trick-or-treating with her daughter. she decided she'd take a few snap shots of the cemetary since it was halloween and all, it wasn't until after she developed the pictures that she was able to see all the white orbs in the pictures. She also told me that you can't see all of them in these pics that she emailed me and you have to actually have a picture in your hand to see just how many there were. But I think it's way cool and little creepy, the white orbs are only in the pics of the cemetary, they didn't show up in any of her other film. You can see them better if you enlarge the pic by clicking on it. Anyways, hope you enjoy!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Jason

Today is my mans birthday and in honor of him I thought I would share with you the top ten reasons why I love him
10. His perfect smile
9. His bulging biceps
8. He laughs at my jokes (and it's a great laugh)
7. He does the dishes every night
6. His brain and the way it works
5. He's a GREAT lover!!!!
4. The way he interacts with, and loves our boys
3. The way he makes me laugh
2. His personality (compassionate, driven, calm)
1. The fact that he does everything in his power to make me happy.

Mr. GQ himself
There's that perfect smile!!
Playing on the craziest thing we've ever seen at a park. You sit on it and it spins all by itself, the heavier you are the faster it goes so I was lucky to actually get a picture of this and Cormac was lucky to stay on!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

We hope everyone had a fun and safe halloween. We really enjoyed ours!! Isaac had a costume parade and party at his school and then we went trick-or-treating at night. Isaac went as the Transformer Optimus Prime, and Cormac was a pirate. Isaac got a lot of comments on his costume so he was quite proud. He even slept in the costume that night (minus the mask, chest plate and gun of course)
Here's Isaac with his best buddy Dillon at the school party

Cormac really wasn't sure what to think of everything, I don't think he realized that was Isaac in there.

This is Isaac in the costume parade

this is right before we went trick-or-treating

Then came the fun stuff, eating the candy!!!