Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Brutal Honesty of a Four Year Old

When I woke up this morning I went straight for my boys to give them big hugs. As I was squeezing my four year old he informed me that I stunk so bad it was going to make him throw up. I showered immediately. At least he didn't let me leave the house like that.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Side Effects

I knew when I went back to school that my children would suffer, well maybe suffer is a little harsh. I knew they would be slightly neglected and probably watch more TV then the American Pediatric Association recommends. I just didn't realize how quickly the evidence of this would show. I've only been in school roughly 3 weeks but clearly TV has begun infiltrating the mind of my four year old. Just the other night as we were getting in my car he informed me that Z-Max would make my car run faster and smoother. Alright, he's into cars it makes sense that he would latch on to that type of information. But then the next day he came to me in a full on panic saying "Mom, my numbers are dropping!!!"
Confused, I said "what?"
He again said emphatically "my numbers are dropping!!!"
I was still confused but tried to appease him and said "okay".
To which he replied "but don't worry, Sylvan can get them back up." (yes he's referring to the Sylvan Learning center commercial).

And then there was this....

I'm sure there's a specialist out there who would say this kind of behavior clearly shows that the mothers presence in the home is lacking.

He'll turn out okay, right?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Caution!!! The following post contains graphic nudity

Cormac has figured out how to remove his diaper. Yikes!! He has also learned how to open the front door. Double Yikes. Then he figured it could be really fun to combine the two. Oh boy!!

This is where I finally caught up with him, of course I could have reached him sooner if I hadn't decided to turn this into a photo op. It looks like he was thinking twice about going out into the scorching sun without shoes or sunscreen.

Then he took off back the other way.

He was finally blocked by his father. We always ruin his fun.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Isaac officially swims!!! We put him in swim lessons and we've been working with him a lot but he just wouldn't do it for the longest time. Then yesterday he told us he didn't want his floaty and he didn't need his dads help, he was going to do the "penguin swim". We asked him what the penguin swim was and he said "you walk up to the edge of the step and then you wobble and fall in." That's exactly what he did and then he took off swimming with his head under water and everything!! To celebrate this huge accomplishment we went to Macdonalds and then bought him his own goggles so he can see in the water while he swims. Of course Mac needed a pair of goggles too. Here are the boys trying them on.

I don't think Cormac realized he could close his mouth. This may cause all sorts of problems in the pool.

Then there was only one thing left to do.... test them out!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

bounces off of me like rubber

Let me start by saying I don't think Cormac will live to see 5. If you are still confused about the bull in a china cabinet second child syndrome this story might help clarify things. First look at the picture below and understand that Cormac was on the chair and I was leaning against the counter where the sink is, (please ignore the mess).

I was talking to Jason who was standing roughly where the picture was taken from. We were having somewhat of an intense conversation which had my full attention. Suddenly someone yells "cannonball!!" and I feel a small body bounce off of me and then hear a loud thud!! Yep, it was my Cormac. He jumped from the chair assuming I would catch him, and I didn't, and then he fell, hard. Luckily Jason was there to be the supportive, comforting parent because I literally laughed so hard I peed myself a little!!! We are very impressed with his air-time between the chair and the counter and are seriously considering signing him up for basketball. Don't worry, he's fine, just a bump or two and a small weird bruise next to his nose. I'm sure he'll live, for now, but I might die from laughter or embarrassment from admitting I peed myself a little.

woo hoo!!!

So this post is a bit of a retraction, or maybe it's just an update to my oy post.

So they got the paint color right the third time and my car is perty again!!

It turns out I'm not stupid, I'm incredibly smart because I got a 96 on my 2nd test!!! mmhmm, that's right I kick ass!!!

We've only seen two cockroaches since the last post and they were both dead!! We've also gotten some excellent advice on how to get rid of them completely so hopefully really soon we wont find any, ever!! I guess cockroaches are just a part of AZ in the summer which makes me feel a little better oddly enough. At least we know how to take care of them and prevent them in the future!!

See occasionally I am optimistic and happy, just not often. But that's why you love me!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Farters Day!!!!

Isaac has been really excited about Fathers Day this year, I think it's all the hype from the Sprout channel. But he keeps asking me if it's farters day and I kept having to tell him not yet, and then he'd say something like "I just really want it to be farters day so I can celebrate my farter." (by the way, you have no idea how accurate that pronunciation is.) So it's finally here and Isaac is thrilled!!! Happy Farters Day Jason, we think you're kind of special.

And here is my farter. He's a great Dad and has become one of my best friends in my adult years. He taught me to never take myself too seriously and always find the fun in every situation, or at least the funny.

And this is Jason's dad. He has been a tremendous help to our little family and we have really appreciated all the fun bbq's we've been able to have since moving here. I feel grateful to him for raising my husband to be such a good man.
Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pictures by Isaac

I was uploading pictures from our trip to the pool and came across these gems. I love when Isaac takes self-portraits

this ones my favorite

He has the best lips ever!!! It always makes me smile because the night I met Jason one of my friends said "if you two ever had kids they'd have the best lips" (no joke) and she was right!!!

This one I took. Isn't he beautiful? I love that his hair is starting to go a little blond again.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More conversations with Isaac

I literally just had this conversation with my four year old after hearing my two year old getting pummeled.

me-"Isaac, you can not hit your brother. Go to your room for time out."

him-"I didn't hit him."

me-"I heard you hitting him."

him-"Uh uh, I didn't hit him. I punched him."

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


That's all I can really say about the last couple of weeks. It started when we got some new neighbors. They look like they are roughly 12, but apparently they're old enough to live on their own. However, they are not old enough to know how to be quiet!! On one of these nights that they were having a shindig my car got hit!! Of course nobody left a note or anything, they just scraped my car and drove off!!! I was ticked, am ticked. So we took it into the repair shop that our insurance required we take it to (we wanted to take it to a Nissan dealership but the insurance said they may not cover it if we do) and they assured us they could match the paint exactly. Turns out it's a little more difficult then they initially thought it would be. We're on to round 3 of them trying to get the paint right and, their last chance to get it right before we take it in to Nissan. GRRRRR!!!

Then I had the bright idea to go back to school. I feel so old and so stupid it's not even funny!!!! I'm taking a math class, and math has never been my strong point, but it's just ridiculous now. I feel like a kid again, every night Jason stands over my shoulder showing me how to do my math homework and I only half get it. At least we've found a way to spend some time together. But, I always said I would finish school and damnit I'm gonna!!! It just wont be with honors like I had originally planned. And for the record, if I had finished before having kids it would have been with honors!!! At least my incredible GPA from that era will help bring up my ridiculous GPA from this one!!!

And the final doozey, we have cockroaches!!! The bug guy assures me we don't have "a cockroach problem, we've just had a few bugs that happen to be cockroaches" but still, ew!! He told me to poor bleach down my drains and then plug them before going to bed, which I did, and then in the morning my drains looked like a high school science expierement. They were all black and had crap growing on them after just one night. I have no idea why either. Can anyone tell me? Is it because I rarely clean my bathtubs? Or is it something out of my control? (please let it be something out of my control so I don't have to feel guilty!!!)

Thanks for listening to be complain for a few minutes. I already feel much better!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Iser The Piser Man

Since the last post was all about Mac I thought this one would be all about Isaac. Our fantastic, funny, fierce, four -"almost five" year old!!! He is learning to read and write, he does better with the writing but we're getting there with the reading!! He's in swim lessons and he rocks at video games. He is a fantastic big brother and loves Cormac soo much.

He bit his tongue while eating and told me that it broke his little heart to bite his tongue. It broke my heart too.
He loves being "canando" (commando). Every morning when I get him dressed he says "I'm still canando mommy". He does have a naughty streak, who knew.
He loves bugs and he names any bug he sees and calls them his friend. I said that I didn't want him to be friends with bugs because they were a bad influence. He told me that he loves his bug friends as much as his people friends.

I told him that he melts my heart, he got all sassy and said "well you melt my heart, but daddy doesn't". I thought maybe he didn't know what it meant so I told him that it meant I loved him so much that every time I look at him I love him even more. He quickly changed his story to "only daddy melts my heart, not you mommy."

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mac Attack

Cormac has been cracking us up lately and here's why. When he gets in trouble or doesn't get his way he acts just like his older brother and folds his arms, pouts his lips and lets us know he's "angwy" (angry). Of course we laugh which just encourages the behavior but seriously, it's friggin cute.

He has started to ask us why. I'm not sure if he actually knows what he's asking, or if he's just mimicking Isaac but when he gets told no or that we're going somewhere it's always followed by "whyyyy?"
He actually went potty in the toilet the other day. We were all so excited and proud, he couldn't have cared less. He did it and walked away without so much as cracking a smile.
He uses the other side of his spoon to eat his cheerios, just to go against the grain!! That's my boy, you be as unique as you want to be!!

We adore this little man.