Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Conversations with my children

Isaac has had his video game privileges taken away and is currently working on getting them back. Yesterday he was misbehaving and I told him that he wasn't acting like a little boy who wanted to play video games again and he told me, "You ruined my life!!! You took away my favorite thing and my life is ruined!!!" I then made the situation even worse by breaking down in laughter.

Cormac on the other hand has been much sweeter, he came to me while I was doing the dishes and said "mommy, I'm happy".

This morning he came and crawled into bed with me and Jason and when Jason started to pretend to snore Cormac said "oh no!! what's wrong with daddy?"


Peine Family said...

It is hilarious when kids are so dramatic. I haven't ruined Andon's life yet but quite regularly he tells me that "You stink and that stinks!" or "You're being rude to me!" Isn't it great being the mom? Cormac still reminds me so much of Liam. Liam is always either 100% attitude & trouble, or 100% affection. Just remember those times since we all know they are fleeting. Plus, when your kids are sweet it helps you love them even when they aren't.

Rachel said...

You must be doing something right, arn't all kids supposed to think that their parents ruined them? Hey you do know that you are welcome to stay at my house if you ever make ut up here. Lincoln sleeps in a queen, you could just cuddle him all night long!! I am serious it would be really fun. A huge sleepover!

Holly said...

I love it! That is hilarious! It is so hard for me to discipline because I end up laughing so hard! You're boys would be impossible for me to discipline because they are such a hoot Ü
Thanks for the advice, btw, we had spaghetti instead and that always works out Ü

Carissa, Brandon & Carly said...

I absolutely love the comments that Carly has been making recently and they sound very similar to Cormac's. I love it when she tells me my shirt is pretty. And when I give her dinner and she says, "I like this." It's just so sweet and makes the moments you want to pull your hair out, worth it.