Saturday, November 1, 2008

Does anyone else feel their house looks like a crime scene right now? Where a gruesome attack occurred and there weren't any survivors?

We believe the attack started here in the formal dining room. Just a few feet past the front door.

Here is a piece of evidence found not far from where the attack first began. There is a lollipop stick and what looks to be a chocolate smear (we can hope that's what it is anyways!!) We continue to find lollipop sticks in this exact state through out the house.

Here is the stained clothing.

Here we find the remnants of a lollipop that came to a grizzly end.

Then there are the chocolate fingerprints throughout the house.

But don't worry folks, we have a suspect in custody.

He clearly feels no remorse for the crime he just commited!!


Paige said...

I'm so sad I don't know that little criminal better. All of your stories of Cormac and the pictures to prove it make me love him to death.

Kimberly said...

Check out that face!!! He is too funny! And oh, your poor house!!! Glad you caught the suspect, hehee! :o)

Burnhams said...

yeah, I thought I threw mine all away, and somehow more candy keeps appearing. The boys look awesome in their costumes!!

Uncle Don said...

Too are a great blogger. Hey it was fun hanging out with you and Jason and Buffalo Wild Wings, gotta love the UFC!