Friday, August 29, 2008


I've been keeping this on the DL because anyone who knows us, knows we have some pretty bad luck when it comes to this type of thing. But, We Bought a House!!!!!!!!!

here's the front, they are putting grass in the dirt patch next week

this is the kitchen before the appliances were delivered (it is a brand new house)

This is the view when you first walk into the house. The formal dining is on the left, living on the right and down the hall is the family room and kitchen.

This is the master bedroom

Well, we are moving this weekend and I fear we will be without internet for awhile, so this will have to hold you over until then.

p.s. wooooohooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

p.p.s oh yeah!!!! doing a dance, shimmy shimmy shake it!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shhhhhh Don't Tell Isaac

I was getting ready this morning when Isaac yelled to me "mom, I need a little help please". I went to see what the issue was and found this..........

He was completely stuck in his shirt and couldn't get it on all the way. Me being the mean mom that I am went and got the camera before helping him. This really upset him as he doesn't like to have his picture taken ever and definitely not in a moment of crisis.

After I got his shirt on he started begging and pleading with me to erase the pictures I had taken of him with his shirt stuck because they made him really sad. I told him I would, but come on, he'll laugh about this someday right?!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sleep deprivation

It's been a slightly crazy week so far and to top it all off I haven't been feeling superb. I thought I would sneak a quick nap in this afternoon while Mac was asleep and Isaac was playing video games. I had just dozed off when Isaac starts yelling my name. Thinking something has gone horribly wrong I jerk awake and go to see what the issue is. This is what was so important, "mommy, R2D2 goes beep beep boop beep boop".

I go back to bed and again, just as I'm dozing off Isaac comes running into my room in a full on panic telling me "Mom, I'm afraid to be in the living room alone, there might be squirrels!!!" Seriously?!! Squirrels??!! I gave up and just drank some caffeine. I think my children are trying to put me in the loony bin.

Isn't he gorgeous?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yellow for behavior

At Isaac's school they have a behavior system to keep the kids in line and also let the parents know how the children were behaving that day. Green is good, yellow means they had two warnings for the same thing and red means it was really bad. So, Isaac comes home with a yellow behavior mark and a note from the teacher explaining what had happened. Here's the story.....

I had to tell Isaac a few times to turn the volume down (Isaac struggles with using an inside voice), on the third time I told him to turn the volume down he explained to me that his volume had broken and it was just stuck on loud now.

Yep, that's my child. On the one hand I think it's so stinking funny I can't stop laughing, on the other hand I'm thinking how did I get such a sassy little child? Don't answer that. I guess the positive was that being put on yellow scared him into behaving properly so there is hope.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Conversations with my children

Isaac has had his video game privileges taken away and is currently working on getting them back. Yesterday he was misbehaving and I told him that he wasn't acting like a little boy who wanted to play video games again and he told me, "You ruined my life!!! You took away my favorite thing and my life is ruined!!!" I then made the situation even worse by breaking down in laughter.

Cormac on the other hand has been much sweeter, he came to me while I was doing the dishes and said "mommy, I'm happy".

This morning he came and crawled into bed with me and Jason and when Jason started to pretend to snore Cormac said "oh no!! what's wrong with daddy?"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Are you ever just so stressed out your grumpy and you can't be nice to anyone? Not the stranger who smiles at you while you're walking into the store, and definitely not any of your family or friends? Well, I'm there. So leave me alone and I'll come back and talk to you when I'm good and ready!!!

Until then, here are some pictures of my adorable boys.

This is prof. Mactoots. He loves wearing the Mr. Potato Head glasses, he even wears them when we leave the house.

Isaac accidentally put on Mac's jami pants, as you can see they don't quite fit but it was a huge fight to get him to change.

Here they were jumping off the couch onto a pile of pillows. Safety first, modesty second!!

spaghetti face Mac running away from mom and getting spaghetti sauce EVERYWHERE!!

Mac brushing his teeth with a mouth full of Goldfish. Counterproductive maybe?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anyone who knows Cormac knows that he is a thumb sucker, a left-thumb sucker to be exact. Well this morning he did something to his left-thumb that apparently "hurts so really bad" and now the thumb sucking is almost impossible for him. This has happened once before and let me tell you, nobody slept and the baby cried almost non-stop. Please send me positive thoughts that I may endure the week that it is going to take for his thumb to heal!! Thanks.

On a slightly funnier note, here is a picture of the Macman falling asleep while riding on his fathers shoulders. Oh and wearing Isaac's flip-flops.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School

Isaac started school again today. He has one more year of preschool before he goes to kindergarten. He was really excited and has been looking forward to this for a couple weeks!! Here are some pics of the big day. (by the way, getting this kid to smile for a picture is like pulling teeth!! maybe harder because Jason says pulling teeth is actually quite easy.)

Here he is standing next to his "really cool Star Wars backpack". He loves that thing. This was at school and he was really annoyed and embarrassed that I was taking his picture.

Getting ready to leave the house. He was so antsy, he didn't want to be standing there.
Cormac insisted on having a backpack too.

And here's Cormac the night before all dressed and ready for "cool". He is so upset that he doesn't get to go this year.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where does he come up with it?

The other day I was quite annoyed with something, (don't really remember what) and apparently had the look of pure frustration on my face because Isaac says to me, with glee in his voice by the way, "Are we driving you crazy mom?"

Then today he comes to me and out of nowhere says "I'm so really patient mom, you're proud of me!!!"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Have I mentioned.........

how much I love this little man?

He's had a rough week poor little guy. Started with a torn frenum (sp?) (that's the piece of skin that connects your upper lip to your gums) and then the next day tripped and tour his knee up. He's been quite the trooper though and we sure do love him.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another conversation or two with my oldest

"Mom I want to watch Robin Hood, it's the best movie ever. It has bad guys and good guys, it has everything!!!"

Here's a lovely little guilt trip he put me on........

My oldest-"mom there's a tiny little baby bug in our bathroom. I think it's trying to find it's mommy"

Me- "well lets catch it and put it outside so he can find his mommy."

My oldest- "he'll never find his mommy."


my oldest- "'cause you killed her last week. Remember? Now the baby will never see his mommy again."

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Breaking Dawn!!! (don't worry, no spoilers)

Okay I had so much friggin fun waiting for this book!! friday night I got together with some of my friends for the big release party at Barnes and Noble. We were under the impression that if we were the first in line to get the voucher tickets we would be the first to get the book. that wasn't quite how it worked out. But we were first in line anyways (we got there 1.5 hours early), got our voucher tickets and then went for dinner and some drinks across the parking lot. while in line at B&N we made friends with a woman named Elizabeth Taylor and her best friend Dawn (no idea what her last name is) and they came with us. It was a blast!!!

Then we went back to B&N around 10 to wait it out with all the teenage girls!!! We settled in the Military and War section with our Starbucks, not the happiest of aisles but that's probably why it was still empty. After we didn't win anything in the raffle we started to get really tired and a little cranky. At about 11:45 we started to realize that with the crowd that was there we probably wouldn't get our books until around 1. so we defected (told ya, Military and War) and ran to walmart across the street where there were only about 60 people waiting for it. We were out the door with our copies by 12:10!!! Success!!!

I just have to say that this is far and away the best book in the series!!!! and yes I'm finished, it only took me about 34 hours to read and that includes caring for children (Jason had a seminar saturday) and sleeping. I think I only ate one meal saturday but that was enough to keep me going!!! Sorry a lot of this post is kind of gibberish and scatterbrained but my head is still spinning with all the information I took in!!! Loved it!!!