Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anyone who knows Cormac knows that he is a thumb sucker, a left-thumb sucker to be exact. Well this morning he did something to his left-thumb that apparently "hurts so really bad" and now the thumb sucking is almost impossible for him. This has happened once before and let me tell you, nobody slept and the baby cried almost non-stop. Please send me positive thoughts that I may endure the week that it is going to take for his thumb to heal!! Thanks.

On a slightly funnier note, here is a picture of the Macman falling asleep while riding on his fathers shoulders. Oh and wearing Isaac's flip-flops.


Peine Family said...

I have been there and let me say, GOOD LUCK! Andon was a thumb sucker but he only did it when holding his blanket. In the past, we tried taking the blanket away to break the habit and were up all night. I also remember one day I clipped his thumb nail too short on accident and it was sore, DISASTER! It doesn't really matter how tired they are, when they can't get comfy...Luckily now he doesn't suck his thumb and sleeping is much better. Lost blankets and sore thumbs are no interruption. Just hang in there...this too shall pass! Cormac buddy, feel better!

Anonymous said...

Tell Big Mac that Grandma Karla loves him and is sending kisses to make it better. Angela--thanks again for the blog! I love the pictures and the stories make me laugh out loud!


Rachel said...

Lincoln sucked his fingers and I accidently burnt them on my flat iron and he has never sucked thim since, so maybe it will break him of his habit? If not, when you feel like you are at a low point and think you might crack just imagine what we looked like in High School...always a good laugh!
P.s I had a dream about you last night. You could think about that also!

Rachel said...
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