Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shhhhhh Don't Tell Isaac

I was getting ready this morning when Isaac yelled to me "mom, I need a little help please". I went to see what the issue was and found this..........

He was completely stuck in his shirt and couldn't get it on all the way. Me being the mean mom that I am went and got the camera before helping him. This really upset him as he doesn't like to have his picture taken ever and definitely not in a moment of crisis.

After I got his shirt on he started begging and pleading with me to erase the pictures I had taken of him with his shirt stuck because they made him really sad. I told him I would, but come on, he'll laugh about this someday right?!!


Peine Family said...

My kids do that with their shirts on purpose. Liam especially thinks it is hilarious so hopefully someday Isaac will forgive you and laugh along with the rest of us. And about the squirrels, I see his point. They can be very sneaky little guys. You just never know when or where they'll creep up on you. It's always best to stick to the buddy system!

Anonymous said...

Thats too cute! Your blog is great! Great writing style!

Crystal said... don't know me (or at least I don't think you do, unless you are on Phoenix Mommies, in which case I may "sort of" know you, hehe)...I found your blog from the Just Jenn blog. And I must say, your life sounds really fun and very similar to mine (except I have girls)! My 4 year old did that a few weeks ago, but I was distracted by a conversation I was having with my 11 yr old and all of a sudden I hear "Can I get a little help here?". And when I looked down I saw something very close to the picture of your son, except my daughter had one arm through a long sleeve which was sticking straight up in the air. Fun times.