Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Trip to Utah

We had lots of fun in Utah, but are glad to be home. We tried to see everyone but just couldn't quite do it. Luckily we'll be back in three weeks so we can try again. Jason and I were also able to get away from the kids for a couple days and go to Wendover. Not the most glamorous place, but it was kid free so we loved it. Here are some pics of our other activities. Isaac had lots of fun and misses his Mema and aunt Michie the most. He's so lucky that he has such cool uncles and grandpa's that he gets to see lots of fun things. His uncle Neille is a Police officer, his uncle Josh is a fireman/paramedic, his uncle Eli and Pepa are wildfire fighters, and his uncle Tyler drives a track hoe!! He was in little boy heaven!!
Isaac at Pepa's and Uncle Eli's work, in the heavy brush rig
At the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur museum. We were able to leave Cormac with Mema and just take the Iser man

Cormac's first birthday party!!! He did a much better job of digging into his cake than his big brother did!! We are so proud