Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The brain of my 6 year old

A couple short stories about my oldest child....

  • I was lamenting about the fact that my youngest was wearing the exact outfit that my oldest had worn to the hospital after my youngest was born and my oldest responded with, "I never could have known then how scratchy he'd grow up to be. I would have told you to name him Scratchy if I had known." (my youngest is a scratcher and my oldest has the wounds to prove it)
  • He was telling me about something that happened at school and the story started with, "a few weeks past, in this world...." --I was unaware that there was another world it could have happened in...
I sure do love his guts!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

As promised!

Our Pool Is Finished!!!!!!!

This is the view out our back door

Here's our hot tub and major deck area.

This picture shows our pool and the grass area.

We have 3 shooters (just 'cause we could), and a waterfall.

Now we just need some hot weather!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

He's obviously a genius

A couple days ago (while I was at school, so this story is second hand) there was a fly in my house. It was apparently driving all the inhabitants of said house crazy, and none of them were fast enough to swat it and kill it. And then my oldest hatched a brilliant plan while he was sitting on the toilet, (sorry, I should warn you not to read this if you're eating...) that went something like this.....

"I know!!! When I'm done pooping I wont flush the toilet, and then the fly will land on my poop and we can hurry and close the lid and flush the toilet!!!"

Luckily for all of us he forgot and accidently flushed the toilet when he was done.

But clearly he's a genius!!