Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm old

I've never thought of 26 as old, but I was corrected the other day in my math class. I'm in a pre-calculus class with mostly 18 year old kids who just graduated high school in May. We work in groups and I am with 3 of these kids that just graduated. We finished our little work-sheet first and the teacher came by to make sure we had it correct. One of the kids says "yeah, we're legit."
and I say "too legit to quit."
The other girl in the group says "oh, I love that movie!!"
I say, "what are you talking about?"
She says "Talladega Nights, that's where you got that from, right?"
I said, "no, I got it from the MC Hammer song, Too Legit To Quit" (I did the hand movements with it, and I know you all know what I'm talking about).
I got nothing but blank stares from these kids!!! There is a whole generation out there that thinks Will Ferrell made that up!!!
I decided to put my dentures back in, wrap my shawl more tightly around my shoulders and wait for my imminent death from old age.


Rachel said...

It sounds like you took my advice. I told you it's a sure fire way to look older!

Paige said...

I still feel 18 myself most of the time and then we all get those special little reminders that make you feel like the worlds most out of it grandma. Wonderful isn't it...I keep trying to convince myself that I'm still hip and cool but then the fact that I would say "hip and cool" reminds me that I am not. Sad stuff.

Burnhams said...
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Burnhams said...

Dumb kids, they don't know anything. The 80's are where it's at. Funny stuff. I love the bedding you chose. Good pick!

Anonymous said...

ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha okay i think i'm done, wait ha hah ahahahahaha. Oh man, that is so funny. I have had a few of those moments myself, when you realize that oh yeah, i am getting older and these kids were in diapers when i was in jr high or high school. I was just telling the girl i work with about your story and she had no idea what the hand movements were and so i showed her and you should have seen the look on her face. ha ha ha and that was cool back then. Oh man, i think i'm going to pee myself from laughing, i better go.

love ya,

Starley Family said...

That is hilarious! What a sad day when you are old at 26...I am right there with you.