Thursday, July 31, 2008

Heaven Help Us!!!

My oldest came up to me the other day and informed me that he wanted to "grow up to be a rock-star!!"

I said "great! Do you want to learn how to play the guitar?"

He said "no, I want to play the drums!!!!"

dun, dun, duunnnnnnn!!!

Does anyone have any experience with drums and some information on when to get him started and where to look for an instructor? I'd like to get him started as soon as possible, this is one of the few things he's taken an interest in on his own and I'd love to encourage it. I'm just so lost when it comes to musical instruments and lessons. oh yeah, and pray for me and my poor head that it will survive!!


Anonymous said...

Eric played the drums for a long time--never took formal lessons but it was a good outlet for him. I would think that a musical instrument store in the Phoenix area would have a list of teachers. It's been quite a few years, but it seems like I bought his drum set at Summerhays Music. Of course you don't want to come to Salt Lake just for drums, but hopefully that will help!


Carissa, Brandon & Carly said...

Wow! You get props for being one of the only parents in the universe who wants to support their son playing the drums! By the way, if you don't already know, they have these great pads you can put on drums to muffle the sound. Good Luck!