Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's the moment of the night!!! ....... Oh my goodness!!!

Five bucks to anyone who can tell me where I got my title from!!* Anyways, last night was the monster truck show and we had a blast. Phoenix takes their monster jam seriously, it was a packed stadium, and a rowdy crowd, the way we like it!!! The boys had a blast, I think it is so funny that Cormac is soo into trucks at such a young age, but it is one of the few words he says and really one of the firsts he ever said. so here are the pictures from our fun night!

This is us in front of Grave Digger, he is definitely one of the more famous trucks and probably Isaacs favorite. They even had the real driver there that night Dennis Anderson (don't ask how I know all this or why I care but I do) he gave us an awesome show. The drivers really do impress me with their skills. And by the way I consider this font color Grave Digger green!!

Here's Grave Digger in action

A cute picture of Cormac with his ear protectors on. Of course this was before the show so he didn't actually need them. Once the show started we couldn't get those things on for anything.

My boys having a great time

So here is a pro-tip for anyone who thinks they may ever go to a show (and I do highly suggest it because they really are family friendly and tons of fun). Don't do the party in the pits before the show, unless you are a die hard fan who wants autographs it's really just a waste of time and the worst part is once you're in the stadium they don't let you out. We thought we'd go to the pit party get up close to some trucks and then go and hang out in down town phoenix for a couple of hours and come back for the show. Nope, once you're in you can't leave unless you want to buy another ticket. So we were in that stadium for 7 hours yesterday folks and yes my bum is killing me from sitting in those chairs!

*I'm not really gonna give you 5 bucks, but I will be really impressed.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Isaac has recently gotten into Pokemon and today I finally sat down and actually watched it with him. All I can say is, Huh? I don't get it. Isaac is totally enthralled with it and I can barely follow the story line. Does this require being a certain age, am I too stupid, maybe too smart? I don't know but I really don't get it, and I really don't understand why it is so popular. If anyone can explain to me what the point of Pokemon is and what it is they are trying to accomplish and why I would greatly appreciate it. At least Isaac is entertained and out of my hair for a little while!!!

Q: Why should you never change in front a Pokemon?
A: Because he'll Pikachu (peek at you)


Why wont my baby take a friggin nap today? Any thoughtful answers on that would also be appreciated!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Date night!!!!

Saturday Night @ e4
- - Arizona Nightlife

Wow a picture of just me and Jason, it's a small miracle!! So last saturday night we hired a babysitter and went out for a night of dancing!! It was sooo much fun. It was a going away shindig for the doctor Jason has been working with. We were cool enough to have our picture taken by this website that posts pictures of the different clubs and promotes events, so that's where this picture comes from and what the links are to.

Saturday Night @ e4
- - Arizona Nightlife

This is who we went with. The girl on the far left is Dr. Novicio, the one we had the shindig for. The other two girls are Jason's assistants Roxanne and Kaylie(who he loves by the way, they're great at what they do) and the guy is Roxanne's boyfriend Brian. We had an awesome time, I don't think I've danced that much since the night I met Jason. Great times, good friends.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Reviews

I recently saw the movie Juno and thought I would write a quick note on how good it was. I laughed and cried through the whole thing, it was a very refreshing movie in it's honesty and humor and was different from anything I've seen lately. If you're looking for a good movie this is it!!! And by the way I think guys would like it too.

I have also recently read two good books that you may be interested in for some light reading. The first is a book called Middlesex. It was featured on Oprah over the summer so many of you may have heard of it. It deals with the taboo topic of hermaphrodites and while it's a work of fiction I believe it speaks volumes of truth. I think it also brings to light all the various shades of gray when looking at the homosexuality issue. If someone is genetically a boy but is physically a girl then what would make them gay, going against their biology or their physiology? And who's to say that there aren't other genetic factors playing into homosexuality that have yet to be realized and if that is the case then how can we tell them they are wrong or feeling what they feel? Anyways, I would love to hear peoples opinions and points of view if you read this book. I do think that even men would find this book to be interesting and entertaining.

The other book I read was called The Birth House. It followed a midwife during the turn of the century when doctors were starting to take over the delivery of babies. This was a fun book to read, it had a little romance and a little action but there was nothing too weighty in the plot, just a good girlie read.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The most wonderful time of the yeeear

This morning I finally got to take Isaac back to school and I was reminded of a commercial for office depot (I think) that has the song I tried singing in the title while the father is dancing through the aisles picking up school supplies for the kids to go back to school. I felt that way today dropping Isaac off, I know I had a big stupid grin on my face and as I left I sighed in relief. We had an extra long break because Isaac was sick the last week and a half of school. I was going a bit crazy having two kids with me all day everyday. I usually do my shopping and running around while Isaac is in school and having him around just made it really difficult. He wont sit in the cart anymore so I have to keep checking where he is rather than just shopping, I kept leaving the stores feeling motion-sick from constantly turning my head side to side to keep him in my sights. I don't know how people have more than two kids, or how people have children closer in age!! Any of you out there reading this, you have my sympathy!

Now on to another subject if any one cares. I decided what my New Years resolution is today. I know I'm a little late but it's because initially I didn't think I had one. I'm actually quite content with my life and for the first time maybe ever, I feel like I'm doing pretty damn good. Anyways, I do have a resolution and it is this, to start dressing like an adult. I am soooo sick and tired of jeans and t-shirts and boring shoes. Don't get me wrong I'm sure they will always have a place in my closet (I have two kids) but I think it's time I started looking my age. In this quest I also realize that I can no longer shop at the cheap teeny-bopper stores like Forever 21, or Aeropostale it's time I start spending some real money on some real clothes!! (I'm sure Jason is thrilled) So anybody out there who already knows how to dress like an adult (without looking like an old lady)please tell me where to shop, I'm completely clueless!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Movie Reviews

I recently saw two movies that I thought were worthy of posting about. The first is the documentary Jesus Camp. It recently aired on A&E so some of you might have caught it, if not I strongly suggest renting it. I think it should cause everyone to pause for a moment and reflect on the ways in which we teach our children religion. I believe religion should be something that creates happiness and peace instead of fear and I think that unfortunately most religions use fear, especially when dealing with children.

On a much lighter note I also went and saw P.S. I Love You. One of the best movies I have ever seen, everyone has to see this movie. My one suggestion is that you actually wait until it is on video because you will literally cry out loud, and I don't know about you but I prefer to do that in the privacy of my own home. If you do choose to see it in the theater take a box of tissue and a large group so you feel like you are only around people you know.