Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A very Merry Christmas

We had a great holiday season this year!! The boys really got into it and it was a lot of fun. We kept up all of our traditions, here's a quick rundown....
They helped decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving, my youngest really got into it.

He created a new record of how many ornaments can fit on a single branch!!! 7!!!

My oldest discovered that his bum looked funny when viewed in the giant silver ornaments...

They baked cookies for Santa and went on a treasure hunt for new pajamas...

Then they threw out some gang signs like the bad asses they are.

Hope y'all had a fantastic holiday!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The importance of getting the whole story

Here's a little screenplay from one of my mornings episodes.

My youngest, while sobbing - "[the oldest] just forced me and choked me!!!"
Me - "He forced you and choked you?! What did he force you to do?"
My youngest - "he forced me to choke me!!"

Me to my oldest - "Stop choking your little brother and forcing him to do things!!!"
My oldest - "NO!! I didn't choke him or force him to do anything! I used the force to choke him because I'm a Jedi. It isn't even real."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

wait, there's more

From my youngest...
"I love your guts mom but don't talk to me!!!" (I really want to turn that into a bumper sticker)

After I kissed him...
him - "oh shit!!"
me- "what did you say?"
him- "I said shit because you kissed me!"
we then had a conversation about naughty words.

While on a bike ride he was singing his little heart out to Jingle Bells and then mid chorus stops to enquire, "mommy why do you drink coke?"

My oldest...
After telling him I loved him, "When people tell me they love me it makes me sick and I throw up in my mouth."

"hey daddy I have a really important secret to tell you.... BUUUUURPPPP!!" (he really burped in his fathers ear, and I laughed hysterically)

I was telling him that he was going to stay with his grandma while his father and I went on a date and he responded with, "does this mean we're having a third kid? 'Cause that's what happens when people go on dates."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

they've been at it again...

My kids have had me laughing until I cried recently.

I was trying to help my oldest with something but I couldn't figure it out. I told him we'd wait until dad got home because maybe dad knew something I didn't. My oldest responded "yeah he probably does because he's done with school and you're not".

My youngest had his first accident yesterday since being potty trained last June. Luckily for me it was while I was at school, but our nanny filled me in on the whole story and and the quote from my youngest was "Carla I think I farted a poop." I'm still laughing at that one. Probably because I wasn't the one who had to deal with it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A little story

This is a story about a girl who was forced into taking the evil Advanced Statistics for Psychology course. What made it even worse was that she had a professor who was too smart to be teaching and therefore didn't make any sense at all.
She frequently found herself going back and forth between being homicidal, and suicidal throughout the semester. At one point, through heavy tear-filled sobs, she accepted the fact that she would fail the class and have to retake it. But alas, there was hope. Unfortunately it was not in the form of extra credit, but instead through working her butt off, and reading a statistics book that made her eyes feel like they were going to bleed. And in the end she not only passed the class, but she got an A!!!!

and now she is so ANOVA it.
(over it)

If you got that joke you can rest assured that you are a dweeb just like me!!! Or even worse, you've survived a statistics class.

Monday, December 7, 2009

So Proud!!!

Anyone who knows my oldest knows that if he's going to do something, it has to be his idea. Taking the training wheels off his bike was no different.
In the last couple weeks the boys in the neighborhood had been giving him a really hard time about still using training wheels and even went so far as to tell him that he couldn't race bikes with them until he took his training wheels off. Well, Saturday was the big day, he decided he was done with training wheels, and by Sunday he was winning races!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Could they all be wrong?!

And the answer is yes, yes they are.
Who is wrong? The Mormon community
What are they wrong about? Well that's simple, the founder of Chick-fil-a is not, I repeat NOT a Mormon.
Are you shocked? I was. I grew up with the folklore of Chick-fil-a being founded by a Mormon. I mean it had to be, they are closed on Sundays you know. This belief amongst Mormons goes so deep that my local Chick-fil-a is often overrun by the missionaries who are there supporting a "Mormon Chain". But it turns out that the founder is actually a Southern Baptist. And ironically enough, Southern Baptists don't really like the Mormons (I mean generally speaking, not individually).

Jason got all this information from a patient of his who works for Chick-fil-a, and grew up in the town of Georgia where the restaurant was founded. She is VERY passionate about setting everyone straight. We double checked it on Wiki, and she is correct. Here's the link.

So now you know, and knowing is half the battle!!!