Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School

Isaac started school again today. He has one more year of preschool before he goes to kindergarten. He was really excited and has been looking forward to this for a couple weeks!! Here are some pics of the big day. (by the way, getting this kid to smile for a picture is like pulling teeth!! maybe harder because Jason says pulling teeth is actually quite easy.)

Here he is standing next to his "really cool Star Wars backpack". He loves that thing. This was at school and he was really annoyed and embarrassed that I was taking his picture.

Getting ready to leave the house. He was so antsy, he didn't want to be standing there.
Cormac insisted on having a backpack too.

And here's Cormac the night before all dressed and ready for "cool". He is so upset that he doesn't get to go this year.


Peine Family said...

Aren't you so happy that it is school time again? Andon has his assessment tomorrow and then Parent's Day next friday and class officially starts the following Monday. He can hardly wait and neither can I! I'm so glad to have a kid that loves learning so much. I love the back to school pics, classic!

Burnhams said...

oh the classic back to school picture with the back pack on... I love it. I can't believe how grown up he is!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, i can not believe how big he is getting. And he is so darn handsome too. The pic of Cormac in his backpack and spiderman slippers is great i love it. Olivia start preschool in a couple of weeks. I think it will be really great for her. Anyway, love you all, talk to you soon.


Shelley & Jake said...

Evan is so excited about Isaac's Star Wars backpack!