Saturday, June 21, 2008

Isaac officially swims!!! We put him in swim lessons and we've been working with him a lot but he just wouldn't do it for the longest time. Then yesterday he told us he didn't want his floaty and he didn't need his dads help, he was going to do the "penguin swim". We asked him what the penguin swim was and he said "you walk up to the edge of the step and then you wobble and fall in." That's exactly what he did and then he took off swimming with his head under water and everything!! To celebrate this huge accomplishment we went to Macdonalds and then bought him his own goggles so he can see in the water while he swims. Of course Mac needed a pair of goggles too. Here are the boys trying them on.

I don't think Cormac realized he could close his mouth. This may cause all sorts of problems in the pool.

Then there was only one thing left to do.... test them out!!!

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Rachel said...

Funny tub picture! Cute little boys in their goggles!