Tuesday, June 10, 2008


That's all I can really say about the last couple of weeks. It started when we got some new neighbors. They look like they are roughly 12, but apparently they're old enough to live on their own. However, they are not old enough to know how to be quiet!! On one of these nights that they were having a shindig my car got hit!! Of course nobody left a note or anything, they just scraped my car and drove off!!! I was ticked, am ticked. So we took it into the repair shop that our insurance required we take it to (we wanted to take it to a Nissan dealership but the insurance said they may not cover it if we do) and they assured us they could match the paint exactly. Turns out it's a little more difficult then they initially thought it would be. We're on to round 3 of them trying to get the paint right and, their last chance to get it right before we take it in to Nissan. GRRRRR!!!

Then I had the bright idea to go back to school. I feel so old and so stupid it's not even funny!!!! I'm taking a math class, and math has never been my strong point, but it's just ridiculous now. I feel like a kid again, every night Jason stands over my shoulder showing me how to do my math homework and I only half get it. At least we've found a way to spend some time together. But, I always said I would finish school and damnit I'm gonna!!! It just wont be with honors like I had originally planned. And for the record, if I had finished before having kids it would have been with honors!!! At least my incredible GPA from that era will help bring up my ridiculous GPA from this one!!!

And the final doozey, we have cockroaches!!! The bug guy assures me we don't have "a cockroach problem, we've just had a few bugs that happen to be cockroaches" but still, ew!! He told me to poor bleach down my drains and then plug them before going to bed, which I did, and then in the morning my drains looked like a high school science expierement. They were all black and had crap growing on them after just one night. I have no idea why either. Can anyone tell me? Is it because I rarely clean my bathtubs? Or is it something out of my control? (please let it be something out of my control so I don't have to feel guilty!!!)

Thanks for listening to be complain for a few minutes. I already feel much better!!


KatieB said...

that sounds like quite the week! that is so great you are going back to school. i would probably flunk out. especially if i had to take math. that was one of the reasons i chose english as a major: i never had to take a single math class in college.

Anonymous said...

#1 Angela--you are to be COMMENDED for going back to school--you are not old and you're not dumb!!

#2 I am sorry about your car--that would irritate the hell out of me!

#3 You have my full empathy with cockroaches. We had them when Mike was in dental school and then, oh joy, we moved them with us to Utah. Ask Jason if he remembers the "bug guy". He used to follow him around and ask him all sorts of questions!

I hope it gets better--hang in there!


Starley Family said...

Ang you are my hero! Way to tackle the least comfortable classes first! You go girl!