Monday, June 23, 2008

Caution!!! The following post contains graphic nudity

Cormac has figured out how to remove his diaper. Yikes!! He has also learned how to open the front door. Double Yikes. Then he figured it could be really fun to combine the two. Oh boy!!

This is where I finally caught up with him, of course I could have reached him sooner if I hadn't decided to turn this into a photo op. It looks like he was thinking twice about going out into the scorching sun without shoes or sunscreen.

Then he took off back the other way.

He was finally blocked by his father. We always ruin his fun.


Anonymous said...

so so so adorable.

Anonymous said...

that was from me by the way -
love ya, Monica

KatieB said...

i remember seeing a toddler boy standing naked at a storm door in our neighborhood in maryland. it was hilarious, you could tell he wanted so badly to escape and run free and naked outside. i think that's what all little boys want :)

Anonymous said...

Tell Isaac that Grandma Karla is very proud of him for being such a good swimmer!

And Jason--your Cormac is a chip off the old block. You wouldn't keep your diaper or training pants on either. Do you remember when Heidi buried your training pants in the back yard?

Carissa, Brandon & Carly said...

I think all toddlers would run around naked if they could. Carly can take her diaper off but she still hasn't figured out how to get her pants of first! She loves to run from me after she gets out of the bath. Freedom!