Tuesday, June 17, 2008

woo hoo!!!

So this post is a bit of a retraction, or maybe it's just an update to my oy post.

So they got the paint color right the third time and my car is perty again!!

It turns out I'm not stupid, I'm incredibly smart because I got a 96 on my 2nd test!!! mmhmm, that's right I kick ass!!!

We've only seen two cockroaches since the last post and they were both dead!! We've also gotten some excellent advice on how to get rid of them completely so hopefully really soon we wont find any, ever!! I guess cockroaches are just a part of AZ in the summer which makes me feel a little better oddly enough. At least we know how to take care of them and prevent them in the future!!

See occasionally I am optimistic and happy, just not often. But that's why you love me!

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