Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mac Attack

Cormac has been cracking us up lately and here's why. When he gets in trouble or doesn't get his way he acts just like his older brother and folds his arms, pouts his lips and lets us know he's "angwy" (angry). Of course we laugh which just encourages the behavior but seriously, it's friggin cute.

He has started to ask us why. I'm not sure if he actually knows what he's asking, or if he's just mimicking Isaac but when he gets told no or that we're going somewhere it's always followed by "whyyyy?"
He actually went potty in the toilet the other day. We were all so excited and proud, he couldn't have cared less. He did it and walked away without so much as cracking a smile.
He uses the other side of his spoon to eat his cheerios, just to go against the grain!! That's my boy, you be as unique as you want to be!!

We adore this little man.


Katie Brown said...

that's a new one with the other side of the spoon. my girls use multiple spoons sometimes. drives me crazy. more dishes for me. happy day.

Aaron & Melissa said...

CUTE BOYS!!! We sure miss you guys. Zack and Cormac would definitely make some trouble together...I am sure they would love every minute too. We need to catch up. I'll call soon.