Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Side Effects

I knew when I went back to school that my children would suffer, well maybe suffer is a little harsh. I knew they would be slightly neglected and probably watch more TV then the American Pediatric Association recommends. I just didn't realize how quickly the evidence of this would show. I've only been in school roughly 3 weeks but clearly TV has begun infiltrating the mind of my four year old. Just the other night as we were getting in my car he informed me that Z-Max would make my car run faster and smoother. Alright, he's into cars it makes sense that he would latch on to that type of information. But then the next day he came to me in a full on panic saying "Mom, my numbers are dropping!!!"
Confused, I said "what?"
He again said emphatically "my numbers are dropping!!!"
I was still confused but tried to appease him and said "okay".
To which he replied "but don't worry, Sylvan can get them back up." (yes he's referring to the Sylvan Learning center commercial).

And then there was this....

I'm sure there's a specialist out there who would say this kind of behavior clearly shows that the mothers presence in the home is lacking.

He'll turn out okay, right?


Anonymous said...

I don't know about that. I mean if his numbers are dropping already! Haha! Love it!

Burnhams said...

that is so funny! and good job going back to school ang! Way to go.