Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Iser The Piser Man

Since the last post was all about Mac I thought this one would be all about Isaac. Our fantastic, funny, fierce, four -"almost five" year old!!! He is learning to read and write, he does better with the writing but we're getting there with the reading!! He's in swim lessons and he rocks at video games. He is a fantastic big brother and loves Cormac soo much.

He bit his tongue while eating and told me that it broke his little heart to bite his tongue. It broke my heart too.
He loves being "canando" (commando). Every morning when I get him dressed he says "I'm still canando mommy". He does have a naughty streak, who knew.
He loves bugs and he names any bug he sees and calls them his friend. I said that I didn't want him to be friends with bugs because they were a bad influence. He told me that he loves his bug friends as much as his people friends.

I told him that he melts my heart, he got all sassy and said "well you melt my heart, but daddy doesn't". I thought maybe he didn't know what it meant so I told him that it meant I loved him so much that every time I look at him I love him even more. He quickly changed his story to "only daddy melts my heart, not you mommy."

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