Sunday, June 21, 2009

My cute babies

My husbands favorite thing these days is Mixed Martial Arts, (that's the UFC fighting). Last night he was watching some fights and my oldest came into the room, he sat down and watched a little and started getting into the fights. My husband then offered to get my oldest into mixed martial arts to which my oldest replied, "um, no thank you".
He agrees with me that he's just to dang pretty to do something like that.

I was getting myself ready the other morning and my children were underfoot driving me crazy, so I suggested they go down stairs and watch noggin. My youngest got all excited and told the oldest "let's go watch noggin!" The oldest then countered with "nah, lets watch cartoon network, it's way better than noggin." To which my youngest responded "oh yeah, right!!!"
He's working so hard on being as cool as his big brother.

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Crystal said...

I got dragged into UFC watching by my husband, and at first it was interesting to watch - but it's seriously on every night of the week - and if I want to be in the same room as my husband at night, that's what we're watching, and I'm kind of over it. There's only so much ground and pound one can take. ;)

Good for your boys for knowing they are too pretty for UFC. ;) Cauliflower ear isn't cute on anyone. hehe