Thursday, June 4, 2009

oh the things we'll do

We're potty-training the youngest, well trying our hardest to, anyways. He's got the potty thing down for the most part, but the pooping he just wont do. We are all frustrated and tired of changing poopy "big boy unders" and are trying every tactic under the sun to get him to poop in the toilet. The other night while our nanny was watching the kids she told my youngest that the toilet was hungry and wanted to eat his poop (I hope you're not eating). He seems to be somewhat interested in feeding the toilet so we've been kind of pushing this technique (still without any luck). Anyways, the point of this long explanation is this story.......

Today my oldest, jumping on the "feed the toilet" bandwagon, announced that he was going to go feed the toilet. He disappears into the bathroom and through the door yells, "I hope the toilet is thirsty too!!!"

Man, I adore that kid!!!

p.s. I'm truly sorry if you were eating or planning on eating soon.


Rachel said...

I WAS EATING! Reeses Puffs to be specific, small round little balls. I think I"ve lost my appetite.
p.s good luck :)

Carla said...

ahaha. how funny. idk where i came up with that but at the time he seemed very scared that the toilet might actually "Starve"