Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My day in review

8 a.m. Wake up, eat breakfast, and get self and boys ready.
9 a.m. Go grocery shopping.
9:30 Get home, put groceries away and clean boys bedrooms.
10:30 Start laundry and get boys dressed for swim lessons.
11:00 Swim lessons.
11:45 Get home, make and eat lunch, switch out laundry.
12:30 Go to school.
4 p.m Get home, get my oldest ready for karate, switch out laundry again.
4:20 Go to karate.
5:30 Get home, cook and eat dinner, continue with the laundry.
7 p.m Fold laundry.
8 p.m. Cook dinner for a friend to take to their house tomorrow. (this is also when my hubby finally made it home after a meeting at work)
9 p.m. Study.
10:30 (hopefully) Bed!!!!!!!

I literally did not stop all day!!!!! and I am exhausted.

1 comment:

Paige said...

Wow! I hope you got to bed. And I have one very important question for you, how in the world did you go to the grocery store with your kids and get home in 30 minutes? That must be some sort of record and I'm super impressed! I need to know your secret.