Thursday, February 26, 2009

little moments

that make me happy I'm a mom....

Cormac, almost daily, comes to me with a handful of books and says "Look mom, story time!!! How exciting!!!"

I asked Isaac to help me with my calculus homework. He said "what do you have to do?" I told him I needed to find the derivative , he picked a random graph in my book and said "there it is!! That was easy 'cause I'm really smart!!"

And this is what I'm forced to listen to and laugh at for hours....


Mac-"knock knock knock joke"

Me- "who's there"

Mac- "pickle!!"

Me- "Pickle who?"

Mac- "pickle and nachos!!"

1 comment:

Crystal said...

hahahahah!! I absolutely LOVE kids 'knock knock' jokes because they never make any sense! But that's part of what makes them hilarious!! Way too cute!