Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Conversations with a 2 year old

me- "do you want string-cheese?"
mac- "no."
me-"what do you want?"

This conversation happens almost every night!!!......
me-"are you going to wear jamma's tonight?"
me-"okay, climb into bed"
mac-"I need jamma's!!"
me-"okay, lets put on jamma's"
mac- "no, I don't want jamma's"

This one happened in the middle of the night after he got out of bed and woke me up for no reason!!.....
me- "Go to bed"
mac- "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" followed by throwing himself on the ground and flailing in all directions
me- "fine, you CAN'T go to bed!!"
mac- "NOOOOOOOOOO!! I want to go to bed!!!!!" followed by the flailing again.
me-"okay, go to bed."
mac-"okay." and then he climbed into his bed.


Matt + Natalie said...

So glad you found me and my blog, Angela. How have you been? I can't wait until Brynn is saying funny stuff like your boys do . . .

Jake said...

This is such a two-year-old thing! Skye is still this way. This is sometimes how we get her to eat her dinner.