Monday, February 23, 2009

Tears of Joy

The greatest invention from the state of Utah has made it's way to Arizona folks!!!!! I wept a small tear of joy today at Target while in the condiments aisle. Because right there in between the ketchup and relish was a perfect little pink bottle of FRY SAUCE!!!

For those of you that have never had this wonderful treat, I'm sorry that you have been so deprived. It's a sin against humanity and it should not be happening any longer. I'm glad Target has finally stepped up and decided to do something about it. Now you have to take the next step and go pick some up, and on your way home stop by your favorite fry joint and pick up a large order of fries. Then go home and accept the fact that you will never fit into your skinny jeans again and enjoy a little bit of heaven on earth!!!

Happy eating folks!!

oh and here's a fun little tid-bit I got from Mac this morning after he shared a sip of his blue icee with me:

me- "mmm that's a yummy blue icee"

mac- "It sure is!!!!"


Paige said...

I'm so happy for you. I actually used to hate fry sauce until after having kids and realizing that it is the best thing on earth!!! Glad that you can now fully enjoy your french fries.

The Davis Family said...

Fry sauce is a beautiful thing isnt it?

Crystal said...

You have triggered my curiousity...I must now try the Fry Sauce...dammit, I guess that means I have to go buy some fries too. I'm never going to look like Anna Kournikova at this rate. haha

(And cute story about Mac too)

Holly said...

Thank goodness for fry sauce!!!

If it's ever gone, I (because of being deprived of fry sauce) came up with a kinda close recipe. It's ketchup, mayo, and pickle juice.

P.S. The boys are growing SO fast!!!