Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Craftiness

I got crafty. And I know what you are all wondering... "did hell freeze over?" and the answer is no, it did not. Well, technically I don't know if it did or not, but we'll assume that since the apocalypse hasn't begun, hell continues to burn in a fiery rage. Anyways, I got crafty making valentines for Isaac to hand out at school tomorrow.

I didn't do this to show what a good mom I am, or so that Isaac would be the coolest kid in class (although, I'm pretty sure he will be). I did it solely to avoid calculus and statistics homework. Because after all, if I have valentines crafts to make I couldn't possibly do homework!!! Right?!?!

Here's what I made.....

They're silly lips and mustaches that you put on your lollipop stick so you look funny while eating it. The mustaches turned out way better than the lips. But hey, I free handed it and well, lips are difficult. I also printed out paper airplane templates and folding instructions for him to hand out. I found them at , and they actually fly really well.

So that was my little adventure into craftiness, don't expect it to happen again anytime soon. Unless of course I have a calculus and statistics test on the same day again.


CARLA said...

i wondered what that random mustach was on the counter today :]

Paige said...

I am quite impressed! My kids would love that, I may just have to copy you. Good work procrastinating homework, you always know how to make me proud!

Anonymous said...

So i was worried that hell actually did "freeze over" but now I know that you are actually on a mission to start kids smoking, because, look how cool they look with smokes in their lips........ha ha ha JUST KIDDING! I am very proud of your craftiness, and who knew???? I surprised myself as well with some of the stuff i did with Marlos funeral. Maybe there is some homemaker talent in us Schultz women after all :)You did good sis, I'm proud of you!!


Starley Family said...

I am really impressed Ang! Umm...I know a bit about your event planning history and you totally rock at craftiness! Or you're just a cool mom. Whatever, it works. And what color did you go with on your house???