Sunday, February 15, 2009

Isaac's 2nd soccer game

Yesterday was Iser Mans 2nd soccer game and I remembered the camera!!! He didn't score any goals this week but he still had a blast playing. His team name is the Pirates, and he's pretty sure they're the coolest things ever!!!

He's been talking about the super bowl a lot the last few weeks. He was completely heart-broken when the Cardinals didn't win and yesterday he declared that "if the pirates played the 'takers' (steelers), they'd totally win!!"


amanda said...

Go Isaac! Those are some bright uniforms. I love watching little kids play soccer. So entertaining!

Anonymous said...

I love the uniforms, he looks so incredibly handsome in those colors!! (He would be handsome in any color he wore) I miss you all like crazy. Maybe I should come for a visit.....Hmmmmmm

Love you,

Paige said...

Too fun! I can't wait until my kids wanna do stuff like that. PS I'm glad to see that you are normal and will let your kid play soccer. So many friends here are anti-soccer for some reason and I don't get it. It looks like so much fun. Go Isaac!!!