Thursday, February 5, 2009

Further proof

Remember when I told you about the side effects my children were suffering because of my going back to school? You can read about it here if you don't.

Well, here is further proof that my children are suffering........

He said he was looking for his toothbrush, but I can't imagine how this could possibly be helping with the process.

Hopefully I'll at least be able to cover the cost of his therapy once I'm done with school.

Oh, he's also taken to saying freakin', a lot. As in, "I'm so freakin' hungry mom!!" and "that's so freakin' cool!!!!"


carla said...

and peanut butter jellies are so freakin delicious.

Anonymous said...

omg!!!that is hilarious, i just want to know how you have your camera ready at just the right times. By the way, Olivia says frickin a lot and i am actually proud of that because, I say frickin instead of the alternative that i really want to say, so my daughter could really have a worse mouth and your handsome Isers could be saying something way worse. so be happy about the freakin!!!

love you!!