Saturday, February 7, 2009


Isaac had his first soccer game today, he scored 3 goals!! I forgot my cameras and feel like the worst mom in whole world.

Isaac called my mom to tell her all about the game and it went something like this......

"Today I had soccer practice but it was kind of a day and so we were the pirates and we beat-up the tigers 'cause they wore orange and we wore yellow but we ran really fast and kicked the ball and then got 3 goals and ran really fast and then had juice!!!! It was so freakin' awesome!!!"

And he told this story while running in circles around our living room.

We are so proud of Isaac, he was a great sport and really got into the game. While on the bench he was yelling "they need to put me in the game so we can win!!!" I'll be sure to take my cameras next time!!!

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Shelley said...

Awesome! you have a little sports star on your hands! I love that he was so excited about it!