Monday, July 7, 2008


I have successfully scared the voyeur away!! Well, I guess we still haven't rid ourselves of Cody, but that's okay he's rather harmless. I can't say that I blame either of them, Jason is quite the catch, (when he's not picking his nose or burping in my ear). I would also like to add that I love when random readers visit my blog and I hope the last post doesn't scare them away or make them feel unwelcome. It makes me feel so cool and popular when random people visit my blog, which lets be honest, that feeling doesn't happen often for me. But I only feel cool and popular when people come to read what I have written, not ogle my husband!!

But this leads me to another discovery I have made with the feedjit feature which is, how random people find my blog. The most popular search that leads people to my blog is Hot Tranny Mess!!! (because of this post) I would love to see these peoples faces when they are led to my blog, I don't think it was quite what they were looking for and heaven knows I don't want to know what they're looking for. People are also led to my blog by searching olive garden and sides.(because of this post) Again, probably not what they wanted but at least this post gives them an insight to the experience they may have at the Olive Garden.

But seriously, come!! visit!! comment!!! I need the attention and affirmations!!!

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AJ said...

What is this feedjit thing you are talking about and where do you get it? I'd be interested to see who (or who doesn't) visit my blog.