Friday, July 4, 2008

Ever feel like you're being watched?

So I'm officially creeped out. I have that feedjit feature on my blog that shows where people come from and where they leave to, and someone is obsessed with my husband. They come to my blog and they click on the pictures I have of him, and they're doing it more than once a day. It's almost like they know exactly where the posts about him are and go straight there, sometimes hitting multiple posts one after the other. Yes, I know you are doing it and it's freaking me out!!!! The worst part of it is that they live near us, they're in a neighboring town. Jason was all excited to have some woman obsessed with him and then I pointed out it could be a man!!! So hopefully whoever it is will now stop or at least come forward and explain themselves!!

Here, maybe this will help you get it out of your system!!!
By the way, this picture is a much more accurate portrayal of Jason.


Cody said...

I admit it, it's me! I come here often hoping that soon Angela will post some pictures of Jason running out the front door with no clothes on, much like the ones with cormac. Just kidding. I guess that's one advantage I have of been pasty white and bald-no one wants to stalk me.

Rachel said...

And that man puts his hand in other peoples mouths! NASTY

Jules said...

This is TOO FUNNY... Did you figure it out? Did they stop visiting? I have a Guess at who it could be, but its strictly a guess!


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha i love it.