Wednesday, July 2, 2008

He's sensitive and I'd like him to stay that way (warning movie spoiler)

When I got home from school today my boys were watching the movie Bridge to Terebithia with the nanny Carla (I really need to post about Carla and all the things I appreciate about her. maybe next time). I have not seen the movie but I read the book back when I was in the fourth grade and it is a tear jerker.

So it's the end of the movie, Carla leaves and about 2 minutes later Isaac comes to me bawling, I mean bawling. I asked him what was wrong and he said "it was a really sad movie." I got him to calm down a little and asked him why it was so sad (here comes the spoiler), he proceded to tell me about the girl falling in the river and dieing and then the big brother let his little sister cross the bridge and it just "makes me cry so hard mom". I was shocked that he understood that much of the movie and was able to connect with the characters and their emotions so well. He's only 4!!!!

I was also shocked because I think the girl died a good half hour before I got home. So I called the nanny and asked if he had been crying during the movie and she said no but that she could tell he was holding back. She then went on to tell me that they had watched Charlotte's Web a few days before and that she could tell he wanted to cry at the end of that movie too but held back.

I love that he is so sensitive but holds back in front of Carla. I also kind of think he would have held it in if his father had been home too, but he knows he can let it all out when it's just his momma.

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Anonymous said...

That is one of the cutest things i have ever heard. I'm so glad that he is such a tender heart, now he and i can watch movies together and cry our eyes out since i always get made fun of for crying over every little thing, (which by the way i cried in that movie too) Atleast i know he would understand.

Love ya,