Thursday, April 10, 2008

Olive Garden, with a side of stoned

We were at the Olive Garden today hoping to have a nice evening meal but upon meeting our waiter realized that was not going to happen. About 5 minutes after being seated our waiter finally made an appearance, mumbled something incoherent and then stumbled off to the table next to us. Jason and I watched puzzled for a moment then turned to each other and said "I think he's stoned off his A#$." It was probably another 10 minutes before he made it back to us to take our order, and I was more than just a little annoyed at this point. As many of you know when you are out to dinner with your children, speed is very important. Anyways, he takes our order and I'm annoyed, then as I'm watching him stumble through the restaurant and fumble with peoples orders I start to feel bad for the guy. Clearly drugs have taken over his life completely, he can't even go to work without them and that's just sad.
So our food arrives,- before our drinks mind you- and surprisingly enough the food is correct, the drinks came right after too. We are quietly enjoying our meal and suddenly he shows up to our table with another round of the food we ordered. He looks at us confused stumbles around looking at all the tables around us and then finally picks up the food and heads back to the kitchen almost falling flat on his face. So now I have gone from empathetic to just flat out amused. I have never had anything like this happen to me before and the best part was when the table next to us full of old people (and I mean really old) say "I think he's stoned!!" He clearly didn't have anyone fooled, except maybe the manager who was still allowing him to work.

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Shelley & Jake said...

Wow! That is hilarious! It's just too bad you didn't have that extra food boxed up so you could have extra leftovers. You deserve it for dealing with a stoned waiter!