Saturday, September 26, 2009

Defining moments

We all have them, those moments that make you realize just who you are and where your life is going, whether you like it or not. I had another one today, it was the moment I realized I was officially a soccer mom. 2 kids, 2 soccer games, over a dozen orange slices, and at least 8 bottles of water 'cause it's still hotter than tabasco sauce here.

I wont bore you with a bazillion pictures of my kids looking adorable in their uniforms, but I do want to point out the mystery that is genetics.

Here's my oldest, (he's the one in the middle) by far the tallest kid on his team.

Here's my youngest (far right), by far the shortest kid on his team.


Crystal said... cute!!! :) My girls just had their team meetings today - Mya (my 4 yr old) is going to play soccer - and Sereana (my 11 yr old) is going to play volleyball. My 7 yr old, Morgan, takes karate at her school.

And yes - we are officially soccer moms. hehe. Oh the orange slices - I remember them fondly.

We're still headed to Firebird tonight - we are usually right up by the entrance to the MX park along the fence - my hubby has a red chevy truck and I have a white expedition - racing starts at 7. But I'm sure soccer games may have drained ya for today. :)

Aaron and Melissa said...

Good ol' soccer games. We only have Brenden's to go to this year since Lissy wanted to go back to dance! It is so funny how genetics works... each kid can be so different. I am worried that Abbey will be SO much bigger than the others. Time will tell. Your boys are so cute!!! They are getting so big.

Paige said...

Who knows how two kids with the same parents can be so different...and P.S. They do look adorable in their uniforms!