Monday, September 14, 2009

because I don't want to study....

I'll blog instead.

I took my youngest to the grocery store with me yesterday, and as I took a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator I whacked him in the face with it..... Hard!! He didn't cry, but he did rub his nose and say "you hurt me, I'm gonna tell my daddy!!!"

I say "son of a gun" a lot. My youngest misunderstands what I say and has instead taken to yelling "Somebody's Gum!!" It's my new favorite thing in the world to say.

I woke up this morning with perfect hair!!! It's full and the layers are perfectly piecey ... I want to put on a really cute dress and go somewhere fun, but I'll end up staying in my sweats all day and studying. What a waste....

I was playing SSX on Tour with my youngest the other day (it's a snowboarding video game), he kicked my trash!!! 4 times!!! He's 3!!! and he's better at video games than me. I don't know if this shows how lame I am as a gamer, or as a mother. Either way, it looks like we're gonna have another video game obsessed child.

My oldest goes to our neighbors houses to play for hours, upon hours, upon hours. And I apparently sit at home looking like I might start bawling at any second. Probably because I feel as though I might start bawling at any second. When did he get so big?

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