Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm just not that talented

I've seen a lot of crazy things at the ASU campus (okay, that's not actually true, but it makes the story better). But the craziest thing, or maybe the most impressive thing, is people riding around on their skateboards and TEXTING!! I can't even text and walk! I can't skateboard for that matter.
I've started to fear for my life because of these board-texters, (I made that term up, but if it catches on I expect royalties). We've all seen the research done on texting while driving... One of these days one of those board-texters is going to take-me-out!! and I don't mean on a date, I mean lay me out, flat on my face, with skateboard tracks on the back of my head!!


Crystal said...

Board-Texters! They are gonna get fined for Bexting (kinda like 'sexting' - but with a 'b') I hope you don't end up with skateboard tracks on the back of your head. That would not be awesome.

Yeah - my husband keeps saying that people are going to start mistaking us for either a Catholic family or Mormon family. hehe

My hubby is racing Motocross on Saturday night at Firebird Raceway - if you wanna bring the boys and check it out, we can start our real-life friendship. :) Hopefully we won't think the other is stuck up and just sit there and not talk all night. LOL

Anonymous said...

I hate people on skateboards. When I was at UVSC they would almost run me over everyday (and they weren't even texting, I can't imagine what that would have been like). I always secretly fantacized about what would happen if I simply reached over and pushed as they skated by me. Then I would pretend that it wasn't me, but ask them if they were OK and tell them that they really should watch where they are going. You should try it sometime, just to see what happens.

Burnhams said...

Ahh- that is scary! I can't even stand on a skateboard without falling. So, I can't even imagine!