Friday, October 2, 2009


Today I was reminded why I do not, and should not, have a career involving large numbers of children. First, I volunteered in my oldest sons kindergarten class. It was fun, I sat in the back of the room, and when the children would stop paying attention to the teacher to look at me I would make a face at them. Which of course only encouraged the behavior.. I couldn't help it.

Then this afternoon all the neighborhood kids were playing in our front yard and I got suckered into a conversation with a 10 year old about my husbands Dodge Charger. He was telling me that his dad said that you should never buy American made cars because they were just "missing something".
I responded with "well, I think foreign cars are just missing something." When he inquired what it was I thought they were missing, I responded "BALLS!!" I could have just said they were missing "something" without elaborating, he's only 10 after all, but I couldn't. He had already insulted my shirt twice, and I wasn't going to let him insult my husbands car!!!

I wonder if his parents will ever let him come play again.... I wonder if I'd even care....

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