Wednesday, September 9, 2009


  • School is in full swing and I am eyeball deep in studying.
  • I made a super quick trip to Utah to visit my sister on her birthday over the labor day weekend.
  • While I was there I decided to join a parade, I haven't done that since I was 13 and in a dance or cheer group. This time I rode in a fire truck with my dad, it was a lot more fun because people clap and yell "thank you", also the little boys think it's the coolest thing ever!!!
  • Some 40 year old woman watching the parade was doing the "beauty queen" wave at me. I found it a little disturbing, and yet, I did it back to her.....
  • My husband took my children to Macdonalds every single day I was gone, and then again on tuesday when I was back in AZ, but at school.... If I die, my children will eat nothing but fast food that has play-places at the restaurant.
  • I'm blogging right now to avoid studying.
  • My favorite quote of the day comes from my youngest, "this doughnut is going to be so sweet!!"


Crystal said...

Dude - I totally just bulleted tonight too. :)

That was nice of you to visit your sister - and totally dude-ish of your hubby to feed your kids Mickey-D's the whole time. ;)

Sometimes you just gotta do the 'beauty queen' wave. :)

Burnhams said...

funny! I love the parade bullets.