Sunday, August 30, 2009

Newport Beach

Last weekend we finally took advantage of Jason's company beach house in Newport Beach, CA. We had a blast. It was the first time our youngest had been to the beach and the first time our oldest had been to a west coast beach. I didn't take the camera with me on the day we spent at the beach because I didn't want my camera to get all sand filled and nasty, but I took it the first night we got there and then when we went back to watch the sunset.

This picture cracks me up. We got to the beach house at about 9:30 and decided to run to the beach because we were all so excited to be there. As we got closer my youngest decided that the ocean was a little scary and he did not want to be there. I tried getting him excited by telling him about all the fun we were going to have, he stared at me and then said "I'll dig" and dropped down and started digging in the sand.

me and my oldest on the beach at night.

My hubby and baby.

I just love this kid.

My youngest playing with his monster trucks in the sand.

He was so brave all weekend, he played in the water constantly and crossed a street without looking, (I wasn't proud of that one, but definitely shocked by his lack of concern!!).

This one hated the ocean, it all started early in the morning when my husband took him for a walk along the shore and a giant wave came and knocked him on his face. The story I got was about a huge storm coming and him swimming, and swimming, and swimming. He stayed miles away from the ocean after that.


Paige said...

What a fun vacation! I have to admit I'm a little jealous but glad for you guys that you had fun.

Crystal said...

I love love LOVE Newport!! Can I take advantage of your husband's company's Newport beach house? ;)

Aw man, the little guy got knocked over by a wave - poor guy. I always hated that feeling.

Glad you guys had a nice little getaway though!

amanda said...

I couldn't believe it when I read on your blog about your pupils being different sizes since we had just found out about Ian's. So freaky. I'm glad yours turned out to be nothing too!!!