Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My First Day of School

I wish I had a cheesy picture of myself with my backpack but I unfortunately don't, I would scan and post my ID card that I got yesterday but my picture is the worst ID picture I've ever taken, and here's why.

So my big plan for my first day at ASU was to just park in the covered parking lot with visitor parking that was right next to all my classes. Unfortunately everyone else apparently had that idea too and it was full. I seriously did not have a back up plan, which anyone who knows me knows that's unusual. Luckily for me my husband was home, (still recovering from surgery) and I could call him and have him look at the parking map online. He directed me to every parking structure that had visitor parking around the campus, all of them were full. Then we came up with another back up plan, go to the parking services office and just buy my parking pass. He directed me there and I went and got in line and then found out it was an hour and a half wait until I actually reached the front of the line. I had 40 minutes to park and get to class!! So on to plan D, someone mentioned that you could park in lot 59 for free until August 31st, great, except lot 59 is in BFE, but I was completely out of options and really just needed to get to class. So Jason directs me to lot 59, I park, and then begin the 25 minute hike to my first class. I'm not in walking shoes, it's 110 degrees outside and my hair was down. By the time I got to class I had blisters, was completely soaked in my own sweat, and stunk like a boys locker room. Luckily it seemed to be the look of the day.

By the time I made it to the Union building to get my ID card, two classes later, I looked and felt like I had just survived a natural disaster. I also felt incredibly old, seriously, college students look like they're 5!!


Paige said...

wow!! i'm glad you survived, i'm not sure that i would have made it through that day. hopefully your next few days will just get better and better (i don't see how they couldn't). Good Luck on being back in school!

Carissa, Brandon, Carly, & Tyler said...

Kudos for you for finishing school and not giving up! I think I would have turned around and gone home at some point. :)