Monday, August 3, 2009


  • My oldest LOVES school!!! He especially loves that he is there all day so he can learn more!!! Man I have a great kid!!
  • My oldest has also recently become interested in having his hair styled so that he can be "really handsome". I don't know where it came from because 3 weeks ago trying to get a little gel in his hair would have caused WWIII.
  • We lost my youngest sons favorite stuffed animal Tex last week. Tears were shed by all, except my youngest who held up rather well. We then found Tex but decided not to give it back to him because he only sucked his thumb when he held him. It's been almost 1 week and he still has not sucked his thumb even once!!! But he does this weird thing where he starts to put his thumb in his mouth but then an invisible force field blocks it and he just puts his hand down again.
  • My husband and I feel like really bad parents for hiding our youngest sons "best friend and baby" from him. But it really is in the best interest of his teeth.
  • Now that my oldest is in school I have a lot of free time, however I still have not found the time to clean my toilets.


Paige said...

LOL, the stuffed animal and the thumb sound exactly like Andon. He only sucked with his most favorite blanket and without it he was simply incapable. I'm glad though because I've heard horror stories of trying to get your kid to stop sucking and for us it was really easy.

Crystal said...

I accidentally left my oldest daughter's "Mousey Bear" at her daycare over the weekend once - I didn't give it back. It was a huge crutch for her, we couldn't go anywhere without it - but over that weekend she totally forgot all about it. I did save it for her for a keepsake, but it turned out for the best that I didn't give it back. So, don't feel bad - you and hubby are doing the right thing. ;)

KatieB said...

i'm still finding avery's old pacifiers that i had hidden in my underwear drawer over a year ago...