Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Stories

  • Here's a "friendly" exchange that occured between me and my youngest today..
"Hey baby how you doin?"
"I don't like you!!!"
  • My son received some money as a birthday gift in the mail today. He quickly grabbed it and went running, I assumed to his room. I was wrong. He stopped at the stairs and was shoving his money into the grates of our stair lighting (they're along the bottom of the wall going up the stairs, it's the perfect night light). I stopped him and opened the grate to find over a DOLLAR worth of pennies, nickles and dimes!!!!
  • My husband had his one week post-op appointment today, he was getting his stitches out. My youngest was with us and initially requested that he be held so he could see all the action. After the first stitch was pulled out he changed his mind and asked to be seated in a chair. I put him down and noticed that he was quite pale and looked as though he might vomit!!! Poor kid, he might be traumatized for life.
  • This next story is difficult for me to admit to, but I feel it may help others, and also atone for my sin.......I forgot my oldest at school. It was 2 days after my husbands surgery and I'd had an incredibly busy day. I had finally sat down to relax and eat a snack when suddenly my phone rang. It was the school wondering if I was going to pick my son up from school!!!! I was mortified and horrified and began crying almost immediately. When I got to the school he looked at me and said "you are really late!!!" I was almost half an hour late people!!! The school assured me that it happened all the time, but I'm not so sure. At least he didn't realize that I had full blown forgotten him, that would have crushed his sweet little spirit for sure!!!

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Carissa, Brandon, Carly, & Tyler said...

Don't worry, my mom forgot me at school a few times too. I survived and I don't feel scarred because of it. :) I'm sure I'll be there some day soon!