Wednesday, March 18, 2009

4 more days.....

until I turn 27. If I'm being completely honest (and I usually am, almost to a fault), this birthday is freaking me out a little. It's making me feel old. I'm no longer in my mid-twenties, I'm now in my late-twenties and I always thought I'd be more together by now. More mature, more respected, done some traveling, and I'm supposed to have a better wardrobe dang it!!
But don't feel bad for me for too long, after all, my husband is taking me on a shopping spree to Pottery Barn on my birthday, he just paid to have my house painted, and he bought me a gorgeous entertainment center (pics to come). Not to mention I have a beautiful family that thinks I'm perfect just the way I am.
Besides, you're only as old as you feel and I feel about 22. So for a 22 year old, my life is totally rockin!!!


The Davis Family said...

Angie you crack me up!!
Seriously you could be ::::GASP:::28!!!
Kidding.....27 isn't bad at. all. I have been 27 since December and it has been the a great year so far. ;)

Samantha said...

You are doing great for 27...and, it's not as bad as it sounds!

KatieB said...

people who hire painters instead of doing it themselves and go on shopping sprees to pottery barn do not have the right to complain. especially when they are still in their twenties. i am turning 29 in june, painted every room in my house myself and have yet to buy anything from PB that wasn't on sale. sigh.

KatieB said...

did my comment sound bitter?